Dating don’ts for guys

Warning: Due to some recent experiences, readers may sense of spite or even bitterness in the below post. Please ignore as temporary mindset. In all other circumstances the writer does not hate the male species, she loves Boys and wants them all to be good boys.

1. Please keep your mannerism with you at all times. Just because the girl made a dirty joke or touched your arm, doesn’t mean she is your next-door buddy or ready to take anything you throw at her. Behave!

2. Explaining #1 further, when I say ‘behave’ I don’t mean ‘pretend’. Not at all. Be yourself, just not the self that you are around your guys group at bars, be the self that you would want a girl to see in you. Show the part of that you are proud of.

3. No too many personal questions please. Until yes, they are coming on itself as part of the current conversation, there is absolutely no need to know if she owns the house she lives in or not. If it’s all well, you will know it later.

4.  Try and avoid too many awkward gaps in-between conversations. There will certainly be a few, but here’s when you can use some of that with that you so much show off among your guy gang, but please mind the topics, and switch to something quickly. The more the silences, the more she will have doubts on ‘if this is all going well or not?’.

5. Make the conversations light and easy, nothing too fancy, nothing too scripted. Maybe a few positive / funny past experiences, some great places you’ve visited. Keep it interesting. And if you’ve got the funny tick too and can make the girl smile/laugh,  then bravo! you’ve scored a ‘he’s nice to be around’ thought.

6. Please plan the venue or at least have a few places in mind that you can suggest, and yes they should all have seen your face earlier. No experimenting with your date, she’s not a rat you see.

7. We know that the average time span when guys think of sex if every 3 seconds (read this somewhere  long time back, maybe now its half a second), but please try and throw those thoughts away or at least not let them reflect in the way you look at her. Keep your horny thoughts and looks to yourself. If you really need to stare at her figure, make sure she doesn’t catch you doing so. It disgusts girls! really disgusts!

8.  This is very obvious, but I would like to emphasize if you dumb heads need to be reminded (of course not without a whack on you heads),  PICK THE CHEQUE.

9. No questions on past relationships. no ‘so how many boyfriends have you had?’. you’re getting nothing less than ‘F******* Ass*****’ for that.

10. Whether this is your 1st or 5th date, let the girl take the lead and show you how comfortable she is. Read the signs. Don’t try to pounce at her on the first chance ou get. If she comfortable enough you’ll see it, she might do something or say something that secretly says ‘I’m ok now’. Be attentive. If you like her, then its worth it right?

11. And when you feel she shows she comfortable and you may go ahead, then at that time please be a Man and take the lead. Don’t wait for her to take the first step. You need to show you’re a man and will take the lead, whether its to hold her hand, waist, a kiss, whatever. Girls like it. It makes them feel secure in some way.

12. Try to think of the motive as ‘To have a good time, spend quality time’ and rest much will fall into place.

13. Try and talk about what you like instead of all that you don’t like. Simple rule, positive vibes work everywhere and positive words too.

14. No matter what the situation, always ask to drop her home. even if you’re freaking dead and it will take you 2 hours to get back home, always ask. Much chances are she is sensible and will take herself home, but if she doesn’t then maybe she wants to get that extra time with you. It’s maybe boys, not always ok.

15. A few subtle compliments wouldn’t kill you will they? So? And yes, if you can make them genuine ones and not like, you have a beautiful smile when the girl wears braces. ? genuine… not to difficult if you can get yourself to stop looking at below her neck and actually look at her face.

16. Enjoy and have a good time and make sure she is having fun too. Listen, talk, laugh, behave. How difficult can that be?


If these were helpful, let me know, I’ll think up some more of don’ts..



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