When you feel like* old draft dated 2009/06/24*

saying nothing, then it can mean only either of 2 things :

a) You have too many thins on your mind and you can’t register them all. It’s all going on and on, you thoughts, ideas, questions, answers. It’s all zapping away and you cannot register it to write / speak about it.

b) You are stoned. jus  kidding! I don’t know the second one. Do you? I’m guessing sad, hurt. Any ideas??

So why are we talking about feeling like nothing to say, coz I have been feeling this way. For how long I do not know (it’s better like that). So I’m gonna break this vicious cycle and register those speedy thoughts and tell you all about what’s in my mind, at least everything that I know.

Bullets or paragraphs? I mostly stick with bullets, they make everything very clear and separated. Its paragraphs today.

About family and home.


I know its incomplete, actually that’s why it was never posted. Don’t have anything to add. Don’t know why I keep posting olf drafts, it makes me feel lighter for some reason. ? Dun know why? Maybe its like letting go, of soemthing that is somewhere in your subconscious… maybe.


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