We were never meant for do or die..

This is a line from the song from ‘Already Gone’ by Kelly Clarkson. I really like her voice and personality, whatever I have seen so far. She’s so real, no plastic, no unimaginably and unachievable shrunk waistline (i like this ), and she has this sense of real feel to her, like she’s just a girl like anyone of us and happens to be a good singer too.

Anyways, so not that I’m crying or anything, but yes it’s not the best thing to have to tell someone that you don’t want what you share anymore. It’s always better when its mutual na? hmm…

Guess what? Yup! I haven’t told New Guy this yet. I haven’t been talking much to him for last two days and when I did speak to him he did say that he missed me. 🙂 I miss talking to him to, but it’s just the ‘thing you’ve been doing and then you stop’ type missing.  I know I overdid many things and even when I was doing it all I felt I was always on the safer side of things, but I slipped into a hole dug where I need a hand to pull me out of it and then I can’t give my hand to New Guy to come out. He has to get out on his own.

If you look at it, it’s not so complicated, but still I’m very bad at shaking my hand off and walking away. I think you all know that (by the number of posts on this context).


So? How to do it? How do I tell him ‘we’ll only be friends. Forget about whatever happened, lets become friends only.’? How do you end when the feeling is not mutual?  

And you know what, he’s not that crazy about it me either, just that I think he wants to hang on something he found after a long time and then it would all be empty space, and also its difficult to just meet someone and get along and that to someone as sweet as me. But he’s not crazy about me and neither am I about it. So why this hesitation to say to move on? Why aren’t we both being upfront and trying to say it means something when it doesn’t. I know he wouldn’t want to end it(whatever this is) , but I want to.


How do I say it, so he’s not hurt or doesn’t feel like I’m shaking my hands off him? Or maybe,  how do I tell him to move away, take his steps back and then we’ll become friends again?

 P.S: spoke to him last night for almost 2 hours, almost like earlier. ok! like earlier. But no more. no more talking.

Some help please…



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4 responses to “We were never meant for do or die..

  1. Ha ha… well I’ve dumped 2 people lately and this is the gist of what I said to both of them…

    “I’ve been thinking and I really like you and enjoy your company but I’m not sure we’re entirely compatible as a couple. I think it would be best if we stopped dating and tried things on a friendship level.”

    Both guys seemed to get defensive and neither relationship managed to transition smoothly to friendship but I don’t know any better way to have done it. Maybe someone else can suggest a better way but I couldn’t very well tell a handsome Italian man his suave cassanova words drove me mental or that the other guy was super clingy and I kinda thought he was a nut case, LOL!

    Good luck!

    • newme

      IntrigueMe – ya, i know i’ve been keepin track of clingly one on ur blog..lol!!

      u knw wat, I jus said the same to New Guy yesterday, but more like an open question way, like do you think..and he was ‘NO. I think this is fun, we should coninue and why don’t you want to’. It got so hard to explain that I left it there.

      Haven’t told him ‘this is it’ yet…we talked abt why i felt it was getn too much.. n we decided, no he suggested we go easy on few places and try things in a diff way.. so I said ok. coz actually I wanted to give him a chance n then d friends thing was feeling so uncomfy n fake to me. so how would i carry it??…

      so ya… guys plz let me know if u knw sum better way to handle this.. mite need it soon enuf…got a feeling.. lol!

  2. I don’t have much experience in this straight off breakup things, bt being a guy i would suggest, u better not talk things like ‘lets be friends, lets analyze our relationship and anything remotely close to it’.. Guys just cant handle it as they are synonyms to breakup.. And we immediately get pissd off with these words whn its frm a girl whom we like/love. the later things could turn horrible as stalking/vexing/stupid stuff could come into picture. We wanna know the exact reason behind the breakup, bt u girls might find it hard to explain.
    All I say is, go easy and slow. Do not hint him that you’re breaking up, bt rather slowly decrease the time u spend with him, stop all ur compliments, try to be boring talking all nonsense/family stuff(u can think on these lines).. This all is only to create a feeling in him that hez too good for u(bt if he cant resist your beauty, i dont know if this cud work)..
    It gets a lil hard fr guys to immediately turn to friendship mode after being intimate all these days..
    I dont know if this is gonna help u, bt thts how I think u can handle him..

  3. newme

    Zubi – dats lot of words for someone who dosen’t have much experience. 😉 mite cum to use later.. but u knw me na..TOO HONEST.. brutally honest…dats my weak n strong point both..


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