Dating Don’ me

After being 1 dating experience old, I think I have gained some knowledge on what we should ‘NOT TO DO’ and thought I should spread these words of wisdom, coz girls n guys if you’re not doing anything on this list then you’re NOT headed to end up like me, which btw is not so bad but yes, feeling stupid, immature, reperating  my adolescent mistakes while being not-so-adolsescent, and more of stupid please.

You got it! So here’s the wisdom list. It’s separate for guys and gals, coz you know I like clarity *haha.. now is not the time for me to support this statement, but I will stick to it, I like clarity and bullet points too. Ad yes, I’m not reasoning all of them, just few confusing ones maybe.

Dating Don’ts for Girls:

– Never ever talk over the phone for more than an hour. No matter how tempting the conversation, how much ever fn you’re having, don’t cross the 60 min mark.

– Never bring up the conversation of ‘how many ex -girlfriends did you have?’ And if he asks you this, then please dump him, he has no manners at all.

– Keep the conversation light and less personal, by personal I mean, don’t cling onto every it of similarity in interests that you discover. you know, you might find all the treasure gold coins first and then see the dark sea monster. (Dun knw where dat came from, in my head I see Pirates of the Carrabiean right now)

– Do not forget to keep the hunt on, else you start getting lazy and then maybe it will also put you take some crap stuff from the guy coz you’re too lazy to start the whole search again. Duh! Don’t leave the loop, stay in the game , always!!

– Decide in your head what you don’t want for the first few weeks/month (your choice).  If you mean to generally know him, then make them mostly coffee dates or lunch dates. If you’re in for some fun as well, then late evening coffees and early dinners work. But never my dear friends, go for late dinners before you know you for sure that you want to see more of this guy (and if you think about it then, this might be applied in literal sense too.. lol! ).

– Never make more than 1 future date plans, like  ‘oh, we should got there sometime, I’ve heard it’s a great place!’. Girl wait up! You might not want to go the next time, so as difficult as it is for us to keep our brilliant ideas and talents to ourselves, save this for later, i.e if there will be one.

– We know you’re so talented and sweet, so let him discover it slowly and that will make it steady. It’s okay to want the other person to like you and see all the good in you, but you definitely need to take that slowly. What’s the rush, if he’s any good you’ll have plenty of time to share stuff.

– I know this is difficult, but please don’ keep high expectations on how this(date/relationship/conversation) will turn up. Even better, don’t expect anything, just don’t think about ‘what is going to happen’ and pull yourself to ‘waht is happening’. This will help, trust me.

– Don’t mention about him to your friends or family, atleast not until you are dating steady for more than 2-2.5 months. Much of the disillusion of charm and romance fogs your vision for that long I think.

– Meet him in groups also, not always alone.

– When meeting in group, introduce him as your friend. It makes sense!

– Don’t agree to everything he says and don’t disagree to everything either. Just don’t let him get so casual with you that he questions your decision, which will make you want to explain the reason to him, which is totally not required. He gets so much importance here.. notice!

– Keep reminding yourself, it’s just dating. He might be saying the same things to other girls also, and even if he’s not take you time. Whats the rush.

– Most important- be yourself! Don’t try to be what you’re not just to get compliments or fit what type he likes, eventually you will be youself and then it might not be the quick get out of it exit. If you’re a jeans girl then stick to it baby, don’t get that sexy sultry dress to make him go ‘oohhhh’, if he likes you and knows the person you are he will eventually be more than ‘oohhh’ and feel lucky to be with you. I don’t mean don’t dress up, do but be who you are. Be yourself girls., you’re one of a kind!  (btw this point just got scrapped as timeout on login and had to re-write it! I think the first time one was better. )

Coming up shortly ‘Dating Don’ts for Boys’…

P.S: this is totally from girls POV, so boys read on.. this will be very helpful..and brutally honest (I love this word.. it describes me)



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3 responses to “Dating Don’ me

  1. these tips looks like as if given by a professional dating expert!! commendable work..
    ‘you might find all the treasure gold coins first and then see the dark sea monster” – wot a statement!!..
    donno why the first point didn’t quite satisfy me… sometimes 60mins cud seem very big to start on with, bt once friends, its less fr sure.. pathaa nahi.. I donno wot am sayin…
    ‘Don’t leave the loop, stay in the game’ – the best one!! And u better(please) try to hang on to this..
    Remainin ones are all professional so can’t commnt on them.. 🙂
    Waitin for the boys section!!!

  2. newme

    tnx Zubi! Professional?? Easy to preach & difficult to follow! lol!

    Believe me the more you talk over the phone, it kind of send some weird wireless conncetion into you as well, it connects you in some way.
    So its like building up a castle on an island that is not on the map yet. Place it on the map! meet, see, decide and then talk as much as you want. The other way round makes little sense and much non-sense!

    I’m in the loop.. hanging on.. 🙂

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