Even nothings are something..

I’ve decided I’m not dating New Guy anymore. Hope all of you who wanted this are happy now!… sorry for being so spiteful* just all this seems so much more fucked up that what it actually is, and to say the truth its pissing me off that why the hell did this get so much attention when it isn’t even worth and by ‘attention’ I mean from others and not myself.

Anyways, so New guy and me have always been out on dats/brief meetings on late evenings (not intended just coincidence) and sis is so pissed with him after the first time experience and also after he kina showed her a mood swing(I hATE that about him). So everytime we went out we were always late, always, and I’m aware that I am also responsible for it, but then he should’ve also been keen on this and he wasn’t and I didn’t push it either (because I enjoyed being with him). All this pissed off mom and because she dosen’t know him she got really cross at me. Now last night also, after all the embarrassing thing happened we were bloody late and when I reached home mom strictly told me that I will not meet this guy unless I want to marry him, which is obviously ‘NO’. And sis who has been behaving like an ass also gave me so much crap, that why was going in the evenings with him and why was I causing so much trouble for something that didn’t mean anything to me, nothing important.

I agree, why would I make my family trouble because of someone I so clearly know means nothing to me? But whatever happened to making your own choices and deciding for yourself ? And the thing is that New guy is not at all important enough that I fight over ‘Why can’t I see this guy, I will do what I want’ stuff, but still, who decides what you want to do in your life?

I know they’re just concerned about what if I get caught up into emotions and stuff and that too with a guy who isn’t so good for me. But I don’t understand, I’m just having fun, why would you not let me go out and live life and have me sit here and spend my weekends at home when I can be out and enjoy my time. I understand that sometimes in the way thing are ou get carried away and cross limits, but if you never let me walk the line and tie my legs then how do I know where I have to crossover and where to stop? You need to learn from your mistakes and for that you need to live.


Now I’m confused about what should I tell New Guy. I’ll ask him to be friends and I know it sucks but that’s al I can say right now. He will probably feel that it’s because of yesterday’s thing, but I’m not explaining. I don’t feel anything for him, yet I don’t want to hurt him. Just yesterday he was saying that he knew he wasn’t the kina guy that I wanted in my life, so I think it won’t be so difficult for him. Its just that this all is happening because others want it and not because I want to. If given a chance I would’ve stopped it all myself, when I would find someone better. But now it’s so shitty.


That’s what I mean when I say ‘even nothings mean something’. New Guy and me are nothing, just getting to know each other, no emotional bonding, no feelings(from me atleast) and yet this all is so much complicated. Hell!


One more thing that is troubling me the most is ‘how am I gonna meet someone new now?’ hahah.. I know but honsetly, like I have said earlier its very difficult to find guys here, good guys. Back to finding someone new again.. 🙂 Coz I want to be there, in the game and not outside on the bench watching. I want to know people and see what all I can take what all others take me like. Maybe this is a good thing, coz somehow I had stopped making effort to look around since I met New Guy.



P.S:  am feeling much lighter and relieved after putting this here. And somehow even getting the feeling on ‘moving on’. Nice!!


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One response to “Even nothings are something..

  1. Am like confused..
    you startd off this article on a sad note, knowin tht u hav to dump this guy for the sake of others..
    and at other places u’re happy tht u’ve done this…
    may b the frst statemnt was spiteful, bt
    we want the happy you.. thts all I know..!! v wan u to hv fun…

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