Wait for life to happen r run after it?

Before I start lemme mention, my left had finger tips are swollen as if bee strung and little red.. any guesses? Yes, the guitar fever iso n again.. 🙂 but this time i’m gonna learn it completely, at least enough to support the statement ‘ I know how to play a guitar’. lol!


Coming to what I’ve thought about a lot of times and felt too. Do you sit and wait for life you want to happen or run after it?


I feel like I’ve done a little of both. I’ve been doing this job and spending what probably might be the best years of my life, complaining and feeling not so good and then I’ve also tried to run after it by doing these things like the dance classes, swimming classes, something or the other to keep me busy and feel like I’m living a life. I know pursuing a hobby dosen’t seem lame, but when you go for it only to make yourself feel less of a loser and full of life, then I think you’re at a very wrong place altogether. The irony of all of this is that I don’t know where else I want to be if not here or how to get there… OMG! I’m such a loser!!!


How do you know what you want and if you do then how do get to it??

I know I’ve said this many times, but still no answers…



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4 responses to “Wait for life to happen r run after it?

  1. Guitar classes!!
    huh, am really planning to take themup this month or so, after having droppd the plan of shiamaks dance classes coz of my friend who droppd off lately for someother work..
    so, do u really dont know where you see yourself in the future? I dont trust tht..

  2. newme

    Hey Zubi – hope u don’t me calln u that..it kina suits u..like in my head. lol! btw got a new guitar today..yay!! n classes start on monday.

    u dropped out of dance classes?? try alshey lobo’s Danceworx academy..salasa..if u got company..even better..i tell u its amazn..bt even i havnt found ny1 to join wid.. 😦

    n ya, i really don’t know where i wil be.. u dun knw how it feels to be whr u dun love it, yet u can’t give up coz u dun knw wat u’l love..i’m just waiting for that time, u knw, d time when u’l knw its either now or never/// .. wish me luck..


    p.s: missed ur comments… i knw.. don’t roll ur eyes… lol! its just dat honest opinions are addictive.. its a fact..i discovered it..:)

    • I hav a few friends who call me by tht name, n I like it ofcourse. my mom too calls me with a lil variant of it..
      i was sorta lost in myself all these days.. thinkin of all tht future.. actually, the same stuff u’ve been thinkin abt lately, bt thn i dont like myself to not know wher I wanna be n so on the same task of finding it(asap)… I’ve never been this way..
      the thing is I sorta dont like writing abt myself, which is on a public display.. may be we can chat sometime..i’d love tht fr sure..
      n congratulations on ur new guitar and all tht available bst for ur classes.. crack kardena.. may be u can later post ur music recordings..
      n ashley lobo’s not here at hyd.. plus, salsa, I dont wanna learn it till I getmyself a gf first.. waise, i sorta know these tango, austrian folk and jive, thoda thoda.. bt i wanna learn free-style with all those gymnastic moves..
      abhi tho sochraha hoon, guitar ya dance!! lets see how things turnout..

  3. No posts from the past two days?
    I’ve nothing to start my day with.. Please write something!!

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