Recent irritating incident with New Guy

Recent incident that I talked mentioned in last post.


So today afternoon he’s all like ‘lets make a plan na’, don’t you have to ask me if I want to go with you, you just assume it. WTF! Then I mentioned this to him that you didn’t even ask me properly and you won’t believe what he said ‘haann(some stupid type of noise) you always want me to ask you, ask me na..’ I was so furious at this. My immediate response was ‘f***off! then’ and I disconnected the call. Then he sends me a message ‘let me know the plan baby’. So non-chivalric! But only because he’s not so important I ignore it and anyways honestly I wanted to go out too so I ignored it. But as you can see I’m at home right now typing this post, so yes we didn’t go out.


Why? I’ll tell ya!

 I had told him that I can’t get perm to go out with him alone for night out and so only if sis came along i’ll be able to come, but since he had once kind of being rude to sis on the phone so I told him I don’t think she’ll agree and he should call her and apologize to her, he called her but she didn’t pick up and then he told me to talk to her and ask her. Later in the evening he called to ask about the scene, and I told him that sis had agreed, and we started deciding on where to go and stuff. After about half an hour of all this he tells me ‘let me call my friend and confirm his timings’ , Dude! why did you ask me then when you haven’t asked your friend yet? Ill-mannered! He calls back to say that his friend is leaving for out of town in evening and he won’t be able to join us. Now that was almost equal to cancelling the plan as it would just be me, sis and him and I’m he had doubts that he wouldn’t know what to do or day with two girls around him. So unsporty! Then I was confused about what next so I told him that let me reach home and then I’ll decide and tell him. Then he asks me ‘No, baby let me know if we’re going out or not, coz this friend of mine(female) she was calling me, so if we’re not going then I would be going to meet her na’. I was so furious and told him very bluntly that ‘if you already had plans then why did you ask me in the first place’ and he acting so innocent and I’m not getting what you want to say type says ‘Ya, okay then I’ll meet my friend today and we can make for tomorrow baby’. I was like ‘fine! whatever!’   ad he still behaved like he didn’t get that I’m pissed off. Such a jerk, but I know he knows it.

Now I’m not meeting him tomorrow and I’m seriously considering not dating him anymore.

Any you know what the funny part is, that now if I show anger on why he cancelled today’s plan, then I’ll seem like a totally uncool and sticky kind of girl and if I don’t say anything then he’s gonna repeat this again and take me for granted.

He’s actually very tricky minded! I hate that~.. Arrgghhh.. Why do I get such pathetic guys.?? Hmmphh! I deserve better, much better!



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2 responses to “Recent irritating incident with New Guy

  1. After reading this, I dont think he’s into you. He’s just there for something, something I don’t know, but its for u to figureout..

  2. newme

    really?? dat sounds scary yaar…bt u knw I had d honest conversation n al.. bt wil be careful…i will..really.


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