Sweet November…

Its beginning of a new month, and although this keeps happening thoughout the year, I’m a little excited about this one in particular..

Reasons are many, so bullet points will be needed

*I use them so often, its like when in my exams I always felt the need that my answer should not be right, but easy to read and the points I’m making should get across in the best way*

– 2 friends getting engaged this month… dresses, party, all the friends marriage excitement begins

– will have an appraisal meet this month, I’m definitely hoping for a promotion *fingers crossed* and a hefty raise too.. yay!!

 – Winters!!! colorful socks, beautiful stoles, chiselled cheeks, cozy beds… lots of warm cups of tea.. love it all!

– Also, some weird/good intuition that something good is coming my way..its good to be hopeful

– I’m hitting the gym again from today.. loosing all that baby (and adult) fat.. really i have bulging tummy now.. and .. let me stop here..

 –  Also, I see many party type plans happening, ol fren n me decided we needed some catching up(okay i decided, he agreed) so plans for movie-lunch-talk n more talk coming soon, engaged n to be engaged fren ‘B’ also require a round of  drinks and lots of talk, another cute guy from my raftn trip also met me online and was asking(himself okay) to make some party plans.. too bad he’s not single, maybe he’ll get a few of his hot single friends, and last and I think the least will be meeting New Guy’s friends soon i guess, spoke to one of them and he was all for clubbing, btw he’s on a vacation right now with friends. just like that info.. lol!

– Maybe, just maybe, might get to start with guitar passion again.. hope so, want to

– Life seems to be moving, maybe even talking a good turn, I’m hoping.. this month would bring around some deserved and great changes.. pray ok!

What’s your plan for the month guys??


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