Let’s talk about sex baby, lets talk about you and me..

I’m not even listening to that song, just felt like keeping that title.. did I say I was going to talk about it? Well, no, not today..

I went to this college friend’s engagement party yesterday. He’s my age or maybe a year or so elder s that makes him between 24-26 and he’s already getting married. It’s a love marriage.. Awww… they fell in love and fought and maybe even abused each other. and nw they want to spend their entire lifetime together..wow!!

But I feel that you need to be way much mature than a 26 year old to get married. Maybe his is an exceptional case.

Anyways, so me and this friend ‘B’ (who used to be the many boyfriends type and is now going for arranged marriage and moving to New York in Feb, lucky B*****) went for the engagement. We thought we’re gonna meet lot of good guys there, some but luck.. none.. like ZERO good guys. Now plz dun ask what’s good! Such a disappointment! we hanged around for sometime and then B’s dad was there to take us home. Hmmp! Just as we were moving out, we saw a few good guys moving out.. n I’m like ya? seriously? now? Whatever!!  you see the troubles a sweet single girl has to go through here..hahahaa..

Anyways, came back late and then got onto Facebook, until mom reminded me that I was working tomorrow.

That’s about it I think.. as I said.. no sex talk…


Okay, if you want to hear something then.. a little something similar won’t hurt right? But its a serious issue okay, so please don’t take this as entertainment . how will I know anyways..i knw..I’m just expecting you to be as honest as I am while writing it..


So about me and New Guy, I told you’all about the intimate thing that happened with New Guy na, and after that I wasn’t able to talk to him about it or anything even close to it. I was so awkward, I am still. It’s all weird, not that I’m guilt or anything, just weird. I’ve never been with someone I don’t like or care or love. 

What i’m trying to say is I can set limits for myself when I know what feels right and what doesn’t, that’s been my best torch on every dark road till date. But now, it’s not right, nor wrong, it’s all weird! Like you just tasted some new cuisine and you don’t know if you like it or not. Do not mistake ‘taste’ in literal sense please.. so embarrassing.

And its all the more weird that I’m writing all this here, but I feel like I should, get it out.


How do you understand what you’ve never been in? How do I keep talking to someone and not think about it ? 

What I’m asking is ‘what’s all this timepass thing?’  seriously! tell me!

All I’m sure of is that I don’t feel anything for him.. and that I like.





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3 responses to “Let’s talk about sex baby, lets talk about you and me..

  1. Lemme interpret those feelings… this cud just be a possible reason, so am just guessing…
    you’re not feeling guilty, coz u know u’re nt doing anything wrong..
    u’re not enjoying it either, coz u still dont love this guy.. or may be, u never want to..
    well, may be u never want to, n u’re just scared of him. scared of ‘wot if he falls madly in love with u and get all sentimental with love, marriage, n stuff’.. we know, u can set ur own limits bt whoz gonna limit him? its the wierd feeling of wot ifs and wot if nots… its the same wierd feelin ‘is al ths timepass thing worth it?’..
    we know tht u don’t feel anything for him, bt do u know the reason tht drives this feeling? is it the reason tht u never want to feel anything for him? or its just a genuine reason without any particular reason …??
    and may be thts the reason why u dont wanna discuss about those intimate feelings with him. wot if u endup makin him want u more..
    ‘ I’ve never been with someone I don’t like or care or love.’ – ths is the statement which gets me think in this direction..
    stop me if u dont like this..

  2. newme

    Nothing not to like.. its y I posted this, to get opinions.

    Yes, I don’t want to get into any of the emotional stuff, however i do want to have a good time. Like enjoy! u know, no strings attached and just have a good time, but with all that intimacy thing its weird!

    n yes, also there is a reason y I don’t want all this… maybe I should stop thinking so much.. and let things be for a while, but with a mind like mine.. its difficult.

  3. Yes, thts wot i wantd to say.. stop thinkin abt this so much, and just let things flow until u like it…
    and I donno abt ur mind, but with friends like us, its gonna be easy..

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