Sometimes we don’t realize the impact of our mostly

Now this was not at all in my next posts lists (maintained only in my head), however I am shit sacred and want to say something.

This has happened many times to me, I do things with a good intention and somehow the table turns around and what I am confronted with is such a negative and wrong face of it all. I mean it happens a lot! Maybe I’m wrong somewhere, maybe I shouldn’t take actions with the only reason being my good intent or maybe i’m not mature. Fuck! this is like screwing with my brain.

I’ll tell ya what happened, so yesterday I left office late and its a company policy that female’s will be dropped at their homes and if they are the last one’s then there should be a guard. Now I support this totally, although the guards are either sleeping or too stick thin to even slap a person who would misbehave(I’m guessing they would be aggressive type). Anyways, so I got off in midway, to meet a friend and sis (btw had totally good refreshing time) and my mobile was switched off(as usual) and then these transport people kept calling to make sure I had reached home safely. As they couldn’t get through my number they were little worried and as soon as I got home I received their call saying ‘Whay is your phone off?, have you reached? where did you get off?’ Now me, being the stupid innocent ass told them I got off before my home due to some reason. They didn’t react at all and asked if i was safe and kept the phone.

Today morning when I reach office, open my mailbox and see that there is a Security Policy Violation issue created against my name. WTF!! I got buzzed, my head was spinning. You know these MNCs na? Big company rules and policies and God know what actions will be taken up for this violation. I’m shit scared. So my manager also responded asking for reason and I stated (all lie) that “my family was not at home unexpectedly and I wasn’t carrying the keys so I got off at my relatives place where my family was present and went to see my grandmother who was very ill”.  (Liar! Liar! I’m just saving my ass..okay!) Well anyways, so all I got to know is that the action taken shouldn’t be written, else that will go into my employee file, rest all verbal warning and all is ok. I’m crossing my fingers that nothing happens.. please pray… I just an award yesterday..

you know whenever something good happens I’m always scared that something will spoil it all. Maybe that’s why this shit happened.. I should be more careful.. but seriously! how careful can you get? It’s just a matter of some thing that i am so not aware of.. you know??

Teach me too…. PLZ!



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7 responses to “Sometimes we don’t realize the impact of our mostly

  1. Wow! It’s great that your company has security measures to ensure employees get home safely- but to punish you for not complying is riddiculous. An employer has no right to tell you what to do once you leave the office, they can encourage but can not force you to follow their safety rules. Though it is in your best interest and it is with good intentions on your employers part- I am still shocked that this has grounds for discipline.

  2. newme

    Ya, I knw its like the saying goes ‘there are always two sides to a coin’. Guess I’ve seen both in this case…

    P.S. – i’m much calm about it all, spoke to a few people I knw in that dept and they said it shouldh just be a verbal warning and so won’t go into my records. Phew~

  3. U’ve already received a mail with the violation issue, doesnt it then come into the written records type (am sure its not verbal)….
    well, i was jst tryin to scare you… 😉 take lite…
    Lesson: never switch off ur mobile. Bad has no revenge on the sweet you, to spoil ur good.. No need to get worried.
    Soon we’re gonna hear the goodnews of our beautiful girl receivin tht award.. 🙂

  4. newme

    Oh God! U did scare me…. I fell for the trick… crap!

    Now see I don’t want to be sissy n boo-hoo, but I lost my so new cell only after a week I bought it. 😦 boo-hoo… and so I’m back to d ol’ one, which is not so efficient and the reason y i got a new one in d 1st place… so I guess the lesson is ‘Don’t loose you new mobile else you’ll be left with a switched off ol’ mobile’ . hehehee

    Thanks for the compliment! you did take note from my general observations ..good.. 🙂

    N the award, well it’s an award but not the object award, its more like you get points into this rewarding system, where you can pick items from a catalogue as per your points range…God so much technology! well atleast my account is not on 0 anymore. maybe I should search for a mobile ou there… lol!

    Btw: did ya notice, i’m writing in texting lingo…all self made abrv…

  5. Textin lingo. I can hardly find it, excpt for thos lil somewher two words.. 😉
    and I guess the lesson is ‘Dont be lost in day dreaming about edward, to not lose ur mobile’

  6. newme

    haha.. u guys HATE that vampire na? … I mean he’s evil and yet girls are crazy abt him… wat abt d good guys..? lol!

  7. Its not like we hate him or something, bt we’re just clueless of wot u girls find in him.. and mind u, therz absolutely no J factor invovld.
    And howmuch ever u girls might try to interpret those possible reasons, for guys it wud always remain an enigma..

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