General Observations

Over and Again I have mentioned many times (can’t exactly find where, will give link if I find though) that I observe people a lot. The way they react, they behave, certain things and expressions. So I’m thinking of putting them down coz most of them are so funny  or at least at the time they do seem funny.

Generalised general observations:

1. Very few people can face direct eye contact. Mostly people look away.

2. Boys really don’t think about much. Actually, they have NOTHING on their minds most of the time.

3. Girls think about anything and everything and that too much.

4. Everyone wants to make friends, but the initiation part is the hardest.

5. Single girls seem to know all about do’s and don’t for a perfect relationship.

6. They (single girls) forget everything they knew about relationships  shoulds and shouldn’ts once they get into it.

7. Beautiful/Pretty comments will always work on girls. I think they help generate happy hormones. Definitely some scientific explanation exists. You know it? Please share.

8. Travelling time is when you think.. makes sense

9. Good food = good mood

10. Good weather = makes you a little bit more sensitive and less practical

11. It’s much difficult to understand yourself than to understand any other person

12. I sound much cool than what I may be in real. You too?

13.  Romantic songs make you remember/relate to your own life.. no matter how-much-ever filmy they are. 🙂


Add anything that you’ve noticed too…. Please!



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3 responses to “General Observations

  1. Ha ha, these are all so true. I admit- I am a single girl who thinks she knows it all. I obviously don’t, but I’ve screwed up enough to know a lot more than I used to!! But, that kind of ties into #11, it’s so much easier to see someone else’s situations clearly than it is to see your own. Sometime’s it’s hard to see the big picture. In regards to #4, I’ve noticed that the older I get, the harder it is to make new friends. What’s up with that?!! Great post!!

  2. newme

    I knw, we’re all in the same boat.. lol!

    Glad u liked the read..

  3. #2 is so true…
    boys are so lost in nothingness. they’ll be gazing at stars thinkin about absolutely nothing, sometimes like for hours. its like a riddle of sphynx, for girls. but a girl doesnt believes tht his guy is thinkin of nothing. She always doubts our thots.. and for the same reason, we need to make something up for her, like say ‘I was thinkin about how pretty u are dear..’
    isn’t tht true.

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