Radiance of Ashes by Cyrus Mistry

Its been a while since I finished this one, but as per my usual self am writing about it much later.

Anyways, so I like this book. I like the character, choice of words which is simple yet explanatory, the language, the details that are not too much over everything but give you a good picture to be with the story.

The story however is nothing much, simple and short, revolving around this one loser type guy and his attempts ignore the loser in him. In fact, if I were a mean critic I would say the story is nothing at all. But still, the writing keeps you involved and makes you continue on with those pages. It’s a good read actually!


Coming to how I associate to it, an aspiring writer! Wanting to be something but not having the guts/belief to come out with it. There’s some parts of this character ‘Jingo’ that are so exposed and vulnerable that it makes you feel without cover.

 I really liked it! Not a must read for all, but yes aspiring writer MUSt read! There’s a lot to earn about how to keep words alive and imagination rolling even when you don’t have a full on drama story plot.

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