Me and New Guy…as it is now..

I had earlier put the title as ‘New guy and me…as it is now..’, but then everything means something right, to me at least, and this meant it was him and me, Wrong! it’s about Me and him.. same thing?? maybe.. maybe no…

ooh.. I could be the one for you.. what I’m trying to say is that you gotta let it go oho.. aah aah aaiya aiyaaa…

*excuse me, that was an abrupt burst of musical me.. with Hillary Duff’s ‘Why Not’. Good song, go listen*

Coming back, so about him and me .. no, no! about me and him, Ok! so last I remember (actually i went back and checked it up) I told you I met him, that’s it and no details.  Story time.. ranting time.. whatever..


First Meet:

New Guy was going out of station on the weekend and we had already cancelled our first meeting the week prior because of the same reason which he was going out of station for, so we decided, he insisted that we meet on the Friday and yes even I wanted to meet him and get to know if I can consider him or not so I said yes. The problem for me was that it was a working day and I don’t really dress well for office (in fact it had got to point of bad also) and then I had to travel to Gurgaon office that day and had lot of work on my hands. Well, after it was decided on Friday, I spent Thursday night changing clothes and showing to sis as to what is looking how and what should I wear. After much of choices between shirt and jeans, flirty top and jeans and other things, I finally decided on a lemon yellow buddha print top with crystals on the back print and nice jeans (sis’). Sis said I looked slim and that is what I look out for.

As expected, office was super busy and i was also staying back an extra hour or so, so i told him to reach my office at a time that was little later than what we had decided, and since he was free and had nothing to do he was like ‘don’t make it so late’ and stuff. So he had to wait for another 15 min afer he reached my office, as I had to collect money from a friend and I was broke (ya.. ya)  and then went ot meet him. Now he was waiting outside my office building and I called him to ask where he was and he told me he was wearing a white shirt (liar) and then I saw no one with white shirt and spotted a guy in front of a zen car. I started walking towards him and it was him only. We did a brief handshake and a light hug (initiated by me) and then I told him we could move from her. I didn’t notice him much at that time. Then we started moving and deciding on where to go and he made a few silly jokes (his humor is around cliche’ stuff) and he decided on a place, which I was not at all sure of, but since I had nothing else to suggest so I agreed. It was a horrible place. It was a bowling alley and there were bunch of kids screaming around. We took a corner table (almost center) and talked. After sometime the kids were really getting onto my nerves and we wanted to leave. He suggested we go for dinner and I said I wasn’t much hungry, but since he hadn’t had dinner we decided on going. His choice of place was good this time. We went to ‘Mainland China’ and talked and stuff. he also made few jokes on my health, not calling me fat but yes you know the jokes types. Anyways I just smiled them away although I did feel little bad but then i knew it is the truth so I better take it in  good spirit.  (Reminder:  I’m not fat, just a little chubby, cute type :)). So we took dinner and he asked me what I wanted and I helped him with what he wanted too and so we got taking again. I observed him keenly this time and he was ok. Not bad! I also found him little attractive (but now I’m doubting if I’m attracted to not-good-looking guys.. read ‘Meet with Freinds’ below). Then we moved out and hit the road, he was to drop me home, all the way home we were talking and he even complimented me on many things. When we were about to reach my home we got into a little romantic kind of mood and we were listening to this good song and since it had not ended till we reached home so we took another round around the colony. He finally dropped me home, again a casual hug (again initiated by me).


First Meet: Follow Up

After the first meet, we spoke and he called me really sweet and just as I sounded on the phone and then also just as he had expected me to be. He also told me that I made him feel really comfortable also. I didn’t say much.


Second Meet:

The second time we decided to meet for a movie. I was going out of station for the weekend and the movie was to be released then, so he didn’t go with this friends and waited for me, which I thought was so sweet, so I agreed to go with him. We again decided on a weekday, which I was not so agreeing on, but he was insisting and kind of in a dominant way, but somehow I gave in to it as it was not a big deal kinda stuff. So he picked me after office and had to wait for sometime and he was getting very restless and impatient. We met and went for movie, which was on me (birthday treat) and then we were just talking through the  movie and  then we got really late and had no time for dinner so he dropped me home. When we had reached near my place I called mom and she was not home so I told we could take a drive little ahead (I’m sounding a little directive/ahead na?) and then when were driving I started fiddling with his hair, like on the side and then also ran my nails on his neck, I was doing all this is in a very funny jesture and stuff so it didn’t seem sexy or seducing and I didn’t want that either, but I could see he found it good. Then after about 15 min of driving around he dropped me home.

Ohh.. almost forgot, near my home he had to relieve himself, so we stopped at a restaurant and I waited in the car, he went and took a little time, then he came out with 2 cones of ice-cream. I hated that!!! What the hell~ I mean..seriously! I refused to take it, so he started eating his cone and that was soooo weird…. I told him that also .. yet he was eating it… I wasn’t looking at him when he was eating.. lol!! so weird…



Need to get back to work now…. really! rest later…..



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