Rays of Hope..

Every now and then we fall away from our dreams, we drift to ‘to-do’ lists and other important stuff. Exhaust life out of ourself hoping, just hoping we will ge where we want. Then what about today? Now? Where you stand? Doesn’t that count?  I didn’t wanna get to sadistic, but seems like I’m quite a natural at it. lol!!


Anyways, so I wanted to say was that sometimes the simplest of things give you hope to dream again. Some kind of unwavering faith that we carried in our childhood comes back, even if for a moment. It may be few words, an event, something , anything. It makes you believe!

I love that feeling. It brings me to a place where everything I want is waiting for me to want it and believe in it. No questions, no logic, it just is!

I recently went to watch ‘Wake Up Sid’ with New Guy and it brought me back to wanting what makes me happy. To write, to believe, to be different, to be me. I want to be a writer, someone creative, someone original. Me!! So self obsessed ?? Ya Ya …

Btw did you notice that I haven’t been updating anything about New Guy?? You see the non-existence of even an E of  excitement, I do!! More on this later … Maybe.


I can’t say why do I loose track of these hopes. But having said that I’m still hanging on, I mean I’m in the office right now, on an important conference call about the hectic work that will be coming up and what and how to go about it, but still, I’m completing this blog. You see!!

One more thing that gets me back to those lovely dreams of a fab life of being a writer(freelance if I may please), living in New York and also if you would just throw in a Fab Bod and great Fashion sense… Do I hear Sex in the City?? YES Please… 🙂

Hopes of an innocent person.. too much to ask for?? Nooo!

Okay, Now I’m certain you’re thinking I’m crazy, idiot and immature. But you know what? I think that’s what you should be, crazy enough to love your dreams and not care about being thought as crazy!!

Also, a good read makes me all energized and ready to carry my notepad/diary around all the time. I love to read! I love words and how they bring alive everything they touch, the messages they carry, the warmth they carry, how just within seconds of moving your eyes from left to end of the page you start feeling sensual or whatever, also how they make you want to snuggle up with be in love. They bring your emotions out to the open and play around.

Okay,  I really need to get back to work now.. lol!! I wish I could stay and say so much more…

Later.. later…

PS: I just started reading a blog and it was a guy writing poetry.. wow!! n good stuff!. I didn’t know such guys existed.. Did you?  😉







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2 responses to “Rays of Hope..

  1. Hav u herd of this quote from Matrix? ‘Hope, the quintessential human delusion. Simultaneously the source of our greatest strength and our greatest weakness’ it literlly describes u. n v don’t think u’re a sadist/slf obsessed. nun of ur statemnts exprsses that. plus its ur blog n v cum here only to read abt ‘the excitin u’. but v do think u’re quite a fashionista 🙂
    n c, altho burndend wth heavy projct to be completed by monday, am spendin time readin ur blog, each line. words are truly magical.
    u dint give the link to the poetry u’ve mentiond abt. we too wud love to read sth which is different. knowledge ko share karna achhi baat hai na!!

  2. newme

    Hey Zubair,

    How come I didn’t read/hear that? The more I’m thinking abou it, the more I’m agreeing, it does describe me!

    Thanks for the encouragement!! It matters a lot!

    Btw the link to your blogs… 🙂 will add soon.


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