My New Year Resolutions..

 A little too late right..?? OK! Really late…. But hey I at least found the…again part of cleaning junk.. This was dated 2008/12/31.




I’m gonna try a different approach this year. My resolution list will tell me what I have to achieve during the year instead of finish by the end of the year.

I’m listing some plans & how to achieve them. I’ll update as and when i agree to:

1. I will be happy all the time, by mastering the Law of Attraction.

2. I will receive all I want.

3. I will date at least one decent guy 😉 good for a start right.

4. I will achieve complete split and 2 perfect Pirouettes (A complete turn of the body executed on one leg; the working leg is placed with the foot drawn up to the ankle or knee of the supporting leg.)

5. I will earn 40,000 Rs every month and save 10, 000Rs  every month.

6. I will love & respect myself

7. I will go to New York



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2 responses to “My New Year Resolutions..

  1. HG

    you are early on the resolutions! and good luck with 3 🙂
    i hav dis theory..only after you date about 4-5 complete jerks, the nice ones come along.

  2. newme

    thnx!! with me n my luck.. i think the good wishes are a must!! 🙂

    Okay, 4-5 jerks, lets see…. I’m on the first one right now… read my recent blogs with the tag ‘New guy’.
    P.S: I thought he seemed decent so far. But then you neva knoe even the decent ones can be jerks rite? lol!

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