I know now…

This was in my Drafts from 2009/06/23, don’t know why I didn’t post it.. but here it goes.. better not keep old thoughts for too long… Funny na??


I know now so much that I didn’t before, much of which I was better not knowing too.

selfish me:

I am a highly emotional person.

I cry alone remembering my dad, even though it has been eight long years now.

I feel my heart aching at times, like literally as if it is so full and weighing down and ready to shed tears.

I am very vulnerable.

I have major trust issues, if I don’t trust someone then it might take me ages to do so, when I do trust someone I will listen to nobody. Extremes!

I always feel I am a very good human being. Really!

I don’t find anything unachievable that my heart is set on, which btw are few things.


This is getting boring and depressing. Also need to get back to work.

Will stop now.

Hope for some positive update next time.





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