The wonderful vacation…

Finally, after 2 years of cribbing and much boredom, I did go out of Delhi. Yupee!! A friend of mine started his own travel company (so cool!) and I asked him for a quick trip plan. He suggested Rishikesh, where we could go for camping and river rafting. I agreed instantly. Some use to my 9 days long office break huh. 

Anyways, the trip was great, although I asked lot of people to join, but not many agreed, so it was just 5 of us, me and sis and three guys. We left on Friday early morning and reached there by early evening. I wasn’t tired at all, instead I was so excited. We went to the camps that were set up on the river side of The Ganges and almost half a kilometer into the forest. It was amazing. I can still close my eyes and see the view of that place, I soaked it up into my veins. The ground had been leveled and camps were made on a small plateau area, there was a small slope of rocks we needed to climb down to get to the river, just in front of the camps was this beautiful huge mountain and it was only as far as the width of the river, so we could see each tree on the mountain with the clarity of its trunk, behind it were few more mountains and the river stretch could be seen till the maximum our eyes could reach. It was beautiful. The forest noise, the insects going Trrr Trrr, the silence, the wind, te water and its sound, everything was so distinct, out of this world, literally! We had such good time.

The entire night we woke up chatting and smoking stuff (shhh!!!)and more chatting. It was amazing. In the morning we went for river rafting. YAY!!! It was a thrill! I was at the front vertex of the raft and every time there was a rapid the guide said ‘High Tide Go’ which meant I had to jump onto the front rope in kneeling position on the vertex. It was amazing! I saw every rapid in the face, every wave and every hit. Great !! then there is a point where the water is still and there is a rock 25ft high and the adventure is to jump into the river from that rock. So many guys were backing out, but I went ahead and did it. Yay yay! When I jumped there were a few seconds when  I found myself in mid air and that was like whooo!!! Ya, whoooo!! 

We reached to the shore in about total  4 hours and then changed and hoped into the car for back home. Stopped late night at a dhabba for dinner and then back home around 1am.

Wow!! what a trip!


Btw I was a little infatuated with this guy in our group, coz he had an amazing sense of humor and such cool attitude. But he has a girlfriend so nothing happened. Although I was secretly wishing that something would happen, even if for you know just that time, like a kiss or sumthn. :)) Ya got a little horny then… lol!! But great trip!

Btw I’m crossing out 2 more items on my ‘things to do before 25’ list. Yay yay!


About the New Guy, I did meet him… all about him in the next post.. I think we have enough excitement for this post already right? 😉


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