Just Life…

God!  I amposting this (anything) after a long time! Hmmm. .  I was busy, busy enough to not have time to say how I feel and be relieved. I have been busy with work , but lets not talk about the bad things ya.

I have no idea where to I’m headed in life. I’m doing a job that serves my family needs but brings no passion to my life. I do other things to make myself happy (dance , swimming) and then I come back to this job.

I’ve become very lazy and boring type too. On my weekends mostly I stay at home. a) to save money b) to get much sleep which now feels like luxury c) don’t feel like moving around much

I’ve read the secret and other positive thinking books and they all say, your life is what you expect and what you focus on. Can someone tell me how the hell will I focus on something that is not around me? How can I start to imagine and feel like a millionairre when I can’t go and buy 2 pair of jeans.

Something is going on and I am just following in like a blind person. I know this isn’t where I want to be but I’m not sure that I know where I want to be.

I usually wish that I could become a kid again. I’m scared of responsibility and all. I don’t want that. How can you ask me to take care of others when I myself feel the need to be taken care of. I know its just something that you feel before you actually do it, but I really don’t believe that I am mature enough for this. Take decisions, make plans, maybe its all just part of facing my fears, but I turn around and walk away.

I’m talking mostly crap stuff, but can’t help it. I wish it all to be different. I wish.  Sorry to get you’al so bored on this stuff but I got nothing much great to talk about.



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2 responses to “Just Life…

  1. This article feels as if my thoughts hav been posted on it..
    am too of the same profession as you, and it feels like we’re stuck in this same tide of unending harm..
    and the term ‘responsibility’, thts wher it hit me..!!
    interestin thoughts I say.. keep up the good work..!!

    • newme

      Hi Zubair,

      I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but it certainly helps to know that someone else also has these stuck up thoughts.

      N I will try n keep up this crazy mind. 🙂


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