What is a ‘Lifestyle’ exactly???

I’ve heard of the term a lot, read about it and all that, but I’m still not sure I know what it is.

Is it the way you live? The way you eat, dress, feel & behave ? If yes, then how can all that be changed and adapted. I understand that life changes and we all change along with it, but what about ‘being the person you are’ ? How can you wake up and say ‘Oh I need to change my lifestyle, so I’m going to stop loving junk food and start loving vegetables’, that is just not possible? It sounds like forcing yourself onto something you’re not, like getting into a tight and uncomfortable bodysuit that might change something about you, but its not your skin and it won’t feel your pain.

These thoughts having been lurking because I want to be different from the outside and I know it will need a lot of change from the inside.  I have tried before, excessive workout, diet controls, pushing myself over every edge and I did get some results too, but then when you’re doing what isn’t you, then it doesn’t last and fades away. I leave it all and become myself back to something I again start hating the outside and that makes me feel not so good on the inside.

I feel I take it all too seriously, but it matters too much too. I need to love myself before I can love anyone else. A broken heart cannot love or heal others pain. I need a lifestyle change.


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