What is Love? & how do you recognize it?

 This is a very dicey one. But I just watched ‘Love Aaj Kal’ (bollywood movie) yesterday and its all about love and how its with you and yet you don’t know and then it takes this couple so much time to realize that they actually love each other.

So, what is love? and how do you know that this is love?

I thought I knew it, but after my break up with my college boyfriend (who was a really nice person, but I had no respect for) I was a little shaken up about how mush do I know and is it correct or illusion. Well, in my favor I was naive and young and rebellious , but then I did believe very strongly (or at least wished) that this was my perfect story. I’ve always been a victim (although voluntarily) to this fairy-tales & movies type crap shit. I’ve wanted such things you know, like you trip and the guy catches you, when you both meet something happens and all that shit. Maybe that is the only way ‘Love Happens’ has been seen by my eyes. So how can I not believe it?

I’m more real now, but still not very sure of what I can say about love? If I call it a lifetime partnership, then I contradict on believing in individualism that may lead to separation too. If I call it something that happens many times, then again I am one little slobby thing, I get attached so easily and then it takes me too much time to get over.

Maybe I’ll know more when it comes along. Do you know something about it? Tell me !


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