A shift to happier thoughts…

I came in this morning feeling OK, in-spite the fact that I have been to office on both the weekends and yesterday I reached back home at midnight and got up this morning at 6am and was in office by 7:30am. Maybe as this was the first time for working 7 days in a row and that too not all hours. Anyways, so after few minutes into the office my head was buzzing with thoughts, yes, useless and torturing thoughts, the kind that make you feel like your head was to explode if it made an effort to resolve what was happening inside. There were thoughts of what and how and when and past experiences and judgement and self criticism and hell of other things.  I opened the blog to write something, but again putting the thoughts on the blog would make it a fact and less ignores, it would become a proof of their existence and also not much of a read for others or myself  in later years (which I think is also a reason this blog will serve), so I didn’t put them down and decided to do some reading and then came upon this post . This really made me want to change my thoughts and I ran some thoughts of seeing myself going to New York and living happily there and my feelings switched from confused to happy and smiley. Also switched my songs list to chirpy and make-me-wanana-dance songs from sad-drowning songs.

I have read about the law of attraction and don’t doubt its work, but the thing is until you yourself experience it you will never know how it works, somewhat like swimming I think, you can see others move their legs and hands and cross the pool but when you’re in the water you need to figure out yourself and how your body needs to move to stay afloat. Well, I did learn swimming after not loosing hope and trying, so maybe this ‘law of attraction’ too is round the corner to come true. Like I read (and also have it on my office desk) “Whenever I hear, ‘It can’t be done’, I know I’m close to success”

I want to become the positive person who vibrates with enthusiasm and lives life in the best way under all circumstances. I want to run my own life.

target for today : Keep the happy feelings intact throughout the day.



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3 responses to “A shift to happier thoughts…

  1. 99ppp

    The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with what is. When the mind is perfectly clear, what is is what we want. ~ Byron Katie

    More of Katie’s quotes at http://philosophersnotes.com/quotes/by_teacher/Byron%20Katie

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  3. I am also been in situations like yours. However, since learning about the law of attraction. It is easier to do what you feel like doing.
    Its what gets us by daily, and if you think happy thoughts and are sincere about them then the world is your oyster. Positive thinking is good, however you must know there is more to it.

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