I can swim :)

Its been 2 and half months since I’ve joined the ‘Swimming Coaching’ batch at YMCA, CP  and yesterday I was finally swimming. When I say swimming what I really mean is staying afloat with you head up in deep water. I think this is what is calling swimming, surviving in the water, everything else is all technique. I have been doing free style swim for past 1 and half months and my fear from water went away in the first week itself, but what kept me away was “What if I stop in the middle, somewhere in the deep where my feet don’t touch the bottom with my head up? What if I loose breath or my feet/hands hurt and I need to stop moving ?”  Seriously! I wanted to learn a way to be in the water without any assistance.

Yesterday while on my way to the the pool ( which is about 45 min, so people some applause here for my determination, PS:  It comes naturally, I think I got it from my dad) I was thinking about what have I been doing in that pool for past 2 months, free style swimming until I could hold my breath and then splashing here and there to somehow get to the wall, not much right. But then I thought about how I just cannot leave something in the middle of it, give up on it and myself, so I told myself (mentally, yes lot of self talk creeps in at travelling hours) that I will complete what I came for, I wanted to learn to swim and I will learn it and guess what I practiced some Breast strokes and then my instructor got me standing straight in the water doing the breast stroke. I crossed the entire breadth doing that (I thought it was called breast stroke, but then I was standing will straight legs and doing the frog leg, so I don’t know what that would be) . I repeated this for 2-3 times and covered entire breadth each time, without drowning or assistance! Then we went for a jump into 12 feet and I started the dog style paddling and I did it just fine, better than fine. After that I kept dog style paddling for 5-10 minutes and then time was up. But now I can stay in the water, no mater how deep.

My next focus is breast stroke, free style with perfect hand movements and covering the length (in any style, even dog paddle will do).

I’m feeling great, finally something achieved after a long stagnant phase. I couldn’t stop smiling yesterday and now too :)) Cheers to me !!

And one thing, from next month the late evening time will be closed, so there will 5:30 -6:30 time only in evening, I want to go for that but I heard sunshine or no sunshine you DO get tanned in that hour if in open water. Any thoughts???


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