Movies, Shy boys n stuff..

I watched this movie yesterday with my family, it was mom’s birthday and we all went out for movie and dinner.

So about the movie I watched ‘New York’, its about 3 friends living in New York and how after the 9/11 everything changes for them. So before the drama begins, there’s a romantic thing in the movie. Well 3 friends, one girl 2 boys, what do you think? Correct, both of them fall for the girl and the girl but of-course can only like one of them. So I’m all sympathy for the left alone guy. He automatically gets all the oooh and then the puppy eyes also help.

But the point I want to make is that why do we like these heartbroken ones? How come we don’t go all ‘aaahhhh’ over the one who got the girl / boy? And why are mostly the heartbroken ones the shy and sweet ones?

I totally go for tragedy and heartbreaks. Even now I’m listing to the sad song from the movie that play in the background when the shy guy realizes that he’s been an ass thinking the girl likes him while she admits her love for the other guy in front of him. The song is ‘Tune Jo Na Kaha’ (nice track!). And when I listen to this song I’m remembering his face, shy and sweet and innocent and hurt and broken. I feel like I could hug him right now.

I know its all a sympathy trick in the  movies, but then why does it touch us so much more than the happy couple? Is it maybe because pain is more penetrating? I think somehow we all relate to being heartbroken and no matter how not alike the situation maybe the pain always seems to be the same kind. 

But see I’ve not had this kind of experience, not with someone I know. Yes, with people I don’t know and have crush on and who have never spoken to me and vice verse, obviously they have gone with others and I’ve felt like an idiot, not because they should be with me, but I didn’t even take a step towards them.  That’s how silly I am.

I like these sweet shy and innocent boys in the movies, but if I talk of my guy, then I wouldn’t want him to be anywhere like this. I want him to be open and talk it out, also not so emotional, it somehow portrays vulnerable to me, however I know every human is emotional, but I would want him to be sensible emotional and not emotional emotional.

So much about what I want.



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5 responses to “Movies, Shy boys n stuff..

  1. As you’ve explained precisely, its the trick the director employs on its audience to feel the pain. And well yes, pain does penetrate deep, coz it comes only once or twice, while the remainin part progresses with happy moments.
    In NY, the director focusses on the Sad guy coupled with a sad song, rather than bringing the happy guy into picture. Thts wher he gets his audience fall for his ideas.
    I just wanted to elaborate ur mention. nothing much!!!
    And its the same reason of urs, tht I guess the girl chooses the happy guy. You feel for the Shy guy but ultimately u dont accept him to be ur partner. U pick the Happy go lucky types..ur ‘sensibly emotional’ one.

    • newme

      Hmm…. interesting!! me sensible?? …. again.. interesting!!

      Thnx for sharing~


      • actually, by the term ‘sensibly emotional’, i ws referrin to the guy u choose n not u precisely… 😦 i spelld it as ‘ur’ for your and not ‘u r’
        neways, wot type r u thn, ‘sensible emotional’ or ’emotional emotional’?

  2. newme

    I keep changing from one to another. its all about the moment, situation, other person.. the scales always trying to hit a perfect balance.. but mostly i think i’m mostly on the ’emotional-2′ scale. Thats’s me!

    • i donno bt, i rather think u’re a sensibly emotional types.. u definitely dont belong to the category of those who make a hullaballoo out of every situation..

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