Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams..

Finally monsoon season is here. It was so overdue.

 I like this season. It makes you feel cozy and also makes you want to get all cuddly (although I have no one to cuddle with, not even a pet and I don’t think me troubling my sister by rubbing her tummy, can be counted here). The fresh washed leaves with lush green color that you only see in monsoons, my eyes turn soft and I take deep breaths and feel the wind travelling to my lungs. I get all dreamy and look outside the window (right now whatever is open in office) and remember my boarding school days, the 100 years old building with green moss emerging from cracks, the huge windowsills that became our french windows (never knew of this term then) to sit and chit chat about our homes and families(this was a way too common but favourite topic). I like the rain, I can sit and watch it for for long time (haven’t noted the limit).

One more thing that I’m realizing is that it makes me so much more observatory and admire-y(towards other things) and not to draw something out of it. Don’t think that said what I wanted to, let me try again.  I keep looking at things and keep admiring them, the leaves, the raindrops, their angle, raindrops under the street light, the sky and its inseparable shades and all this with no intention or plan to draw a result or conclusion. I just like to keep looking and admiring. Its peaceful and still and calm.


Btw I love that song by Hillary Duff.

Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams,

let it wash away my sanity.

 Coz I wanna feel the thunder I want to scream.

Let the rain fall


I’m coming clean’


What about you, how does the monsoon make you feel? Any memories it brings back?


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