What I really want right now..

Well, for the sake of avoiding long boring and self -indulgent posts about materialistic wish lists and seeming on the verge of looting a bank, I’m only talking of what I seem to want, or rather need right now in life.

I want to be totally carefree and laugh my heart out. Pure laughter and bursting out happiness. Something like when you drink your guts out and become the happiest person on the earth, only without the drink. I want to run in the sand, laugh, feel the wind, spread my arms. I want to feel light almost like a feather. I want to be happy and without any worry. I want to enjoy.= life like crazy, not disgusting crazy but the crazy that brings a smile to every-ones face.

No worry. not even a bit, not about money, job, home, responsibility, aim in life, why, who, why me, how, when ..nothing ..none of this. No burden pulling me down.

I want to feel like a kid, free mind, free body and free soul. I want to feel anti-gravity. Where and with whom, I don’t know. Let God figure that out.

I want to get rejuvenated, my spirit, my body, my life and for myself. I want to feel brand new and shinny. I want to be so happy that I almost radiate with it,. I want an out of this world experience.

God I need this! You know ~ Please accept this prayer! I believe you will listen and help me!




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2 responses to “What I really want right now..

  1. And you are a happy man. It is pleasant to see!

  2. newme

    MAN?? Did u just say MAN?? no ..woman.. plz..

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