Sometimes you feel like you can get anything & everything done..

Confidence, pride, self respect and all these upbeat emotions and feelings are always coming and going. I myself see the change in my attitude and am not sure why I can’t keep these wonderful feelings all the time.

But today, I feel good, .. I knew that I would (the song just started ringing in my head! )

Nothing much happened, no promotion, no salary hike, no awards (I’m still waiting on the me from the last time) , just that I’m feeling good and very worthy. Now it’s hard to feel like that without comparing yourself to others right? I try not to do that too much, but one thing I realize and am proud of is that “I know I can do anything If I want to and put my heart on it’. I am sharp and learn fast and smart. Yes, sometimes we all make mistakes and that’s how we need to learn right?

The confidence is overwhelming and it makes you feel like you can do anything and everything you want. Just say those words to yourself and see how it makes the blood rush to your head and bring a smile on our face. And say them with conviction, believe in it and own it. I know this is little difficult and even I am trying to learn how to believe what you cannot foresee or feel, but I’m sure I will learn and master the art of believing.


‘I can do anything and everything I want’


I will make my dreams turn into reality and smile and share my happiness and spread love. I will live in New York and have so much money. I will be a famous and successful author. I will buy a great House and all the luxuries for my family. I will provide the best education for my brother. I will be happy, I am happy.  

Everything I want my world to be, will be.



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