While I’m at work and getting bored, lets gets imaginative

Now I could be cribbing about my life and how nothing is what it should be and where is God and why isn’t he showing some pity or justice(whichever works) on me, but instead I choose to write and think about ‘how I want things to be’ .  I’ve certainly become mature, okay might call it ignorant and kiddish too, whatever.

A day in what seems to me like an Ideal life:

I wake up in the morning (not too early and not too late) in my big comfortablebed with fluffy pillows, I get fresh and my body feels so relaxed and rested, my washroomis perfect, with all the lovely smelling towels and shower gels, a big mirror and enough space to dance around, the tiles are great and the marble shiny. I go to my dressing room and see the wardrobe, its full with best collections, formal, casual, party, evening, workout. Mmmmm. Its sounding almost delicious. The dresses are neatly put together and they are all my fit, which is 32-26-34. I pick out a short grey checked skirt and a nice soft blue V-neck , 3/4th sleeves top. The look is perfect, the skirt rising upto my mid thigh, no, lean and toned mid thigh and the top hugging me yet comfortable and slowing off my tiny waist (26), yet its all  a casual look, something I just picked up and made no efforts to decide at all. My hair is long and volume-nous and shiny, they are dark brown and thick and strong. I go to the kitchen and see my cook cum housekeeper (someone like Tony Miselly in ‘Who’s the Boss’ only without the attraction part) has already made wonderful breakfast, healthy and yummy too. I take my breakfast reading newspaper (entertainment column ofcourse) and relax and feel great about a new day. After a while I move to my study and get creative (writing my 5th novel i.e  after the first 4 bestsellers ) and spend sometime there. I come back to take lunch (again healthy and yummy) and then watch some tv, rest, walk around my green lush garden. Early evening I change into my workout gear, take my car and go for a workout session with my personal trainer (dance/kick boxing /something exciting) and after an hour and half of great workout I move back home. I shower and relax. In the evening I go to meet few friends and enjoy myself. We talk have fun and laugh a lot. I come back home to get ready for a party and then my boyfriend comes to pick me, he’s handsome, genuine, hot, smart and caring and loving, and we go to party. We have a great night and we head back to my place. Rest good things happen. The morning I wake up and he has makes some breakfast in bed for us. Mmmmmmm..

I also keep reading new books, attending launches, meeting new circle of friends every other day, have my set of gal pals. I also take up many other activities, working for an NGO, taking new activities, going on adventure trips, art lessons, meeting new people,  shopping, talking on phone to BF while he’s away, talking to family, more social work etc.

Life is good, rather GREAT!!!

Aaahhhhhh…that’s so my life.


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