Another slow post

First of all apologies to everyone who came to my space, but did not find any thing new. I know how that feels. But this isn’t much of reading type post either.

So I’m not going to give lame excuses like work, life, too much going on ..blah..blah.. I’ll be honest, i didn’t have much to write about and all the little things I did, didn’t inspire me much to do so. Yes, I was lazy but also thinking, you know the kind of thinking you’re not sure is sane enough or sometimes even mature enough to be shared. No, it wasn’t anything stupid or too bad / good just thoughts.

I was working last Sunday, and it was all fun. I had this thing at office that needed me to be there for few hours in morning and few late night  hours. I got a cab for the entire day, so I took my family along, dropped them to enjoy, completed my work and picked them back, then again dropped them to have fun and picked them late after my work and we all reached home at 1a.m. I didn’t do much but still was fun. It was a family outing after a long time and without the guilt of spending more than you can save. I like to provide to the family, and yes sometimes get little bossy, but hey its all for the good.

And ya I took Monday off. I earned it baby~ (don’t know where that came from)

Work has been good, light and easy, nothing too much.

Swimming has been going on too. I’m learning, slowly and steadily I think. Its fun and nervous together. Its scary and thrill too, especially when they make us jump into 12feet water and then we slowly come up and start getting nervous and kicking our hands and legs. Its good to be a student again.

What else?  Ooh yes, we found a new house, nice and reasonable. We’ll move in next month. I’ll get a few sleepless nights ans then it’ll become home.  I won’t talk about what it lacks, don’t feel like. 


PS: I know this a lame, slow and sleepy post (which I am right now, after lunch and sitting on my ass since morning), but its not up to me anymore or maybe I’ll stop being lazy. 🙂


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