Creepy experience

I have started going for jogging / walking since last week. Since I come back home around 5:30pm, after a rest and tea and rest, I usually start changing around 7pm and got to the park near my home. This park is not too big, but has a nice jogging strech  but little narrow and its very bushy and lots of trees and plants. Its quite crowded around evening time so I picked a time when I can jog and not have to keep haulting by people crossing by.  The time that I go, there are only few elder people walking around slowly and sometimes a few children playing, but mostly its empty.

So yesterday I went in at the usual time 7:3pm and when I reached the park(1min walk from home ) I felt I need to tighten my shoe laces (btw I like my laces really tight), so instead of taking the jogging track, I move to the inside of the park, pull my leg on a bench and am tying the laces. Before I switch my legs for other laces I look up just generally and I see around 20 steps away from me a man is standing and his hand is near his object area and it moving in continuous motion to and fro. Before my mind could acknowledge what I saw, I looked down immediately and tied the other lace. Then I thought I should look and then saw the man was now hidden behind a tree and peeping out and looking at me. I was so scared.

Initially when I looked up and saw the man there with his hand around his groin, Iwasn’t surprised, you see people (especially my country) scratching away at any place at any time, there are rikshawalas, drivers, and other lower working class people doing this without any shame or even thought. So if you have lived here for sometime, you’ll learn how to just ignore these people and what they’re doing and that way you keep yourself away from getting disgusted.

So now that my mind did acknowledge that there wasn’t anything ‘lower-working class’ that was going on, but the fact that the man was hiding behind a tree meant it was something else. Eeeewwwww!!! *Disgusted*

I didn’t look at the man and behaved like I hadn’t seen anything and started walking towards the other side. As I was jogging with my ipod on, my mind was having no-so-good thoughts. I was constantly looking back to see if someone was following me, and weird thoughts like there are the kind of people who increase the rape rate in India to 3/second ( read that somewhere recently). Shit right?

As much as I was thinking of how these bloddy people should get punished and beaten to death, the thoughts of whether I was safe or not were scaring me. Thankfully my neighbour was there in the park with her friend, so I made it a point to stop and say hello. I then continued and when I reached the same spot where I had seen the man(bastard) I saw (from the corner of my eye, didn’t have guts to look directly, what if he followed me ?) a man standing a little away and towards the exit looking outside the park. I don’t know if it was him but I was so scared. Still with my neighbor there I went on for another round and then when I came back she was leaving and I left with her.

I so wanted to get that man busted and beaten. What the hell? Its a public place and its people like these who later make innocent people victims of crimes.

But the truth is that I didn’t have the guts. If there would have been even 4-5 more people (men) around I think I might have screamed and all, but with hardly any people there, I was scared to death.

I’m not going there today, thanks to swimming lessons, and even I didn’t have anything else to do I wouldn’t have gone. And now onwards, I’m only going to the park when its crowded.

 I don’t know why I’m even writing about this, as i dn’t even mention this to anyone at home. Maybe to let the fear out might make me strong and not weak.



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3 responses to “Creepy experience

  1. this onez definitely creepy!!
    hard to speak abt ths either…. bt its good u dint call the crowd to beatup his arse, coz u dont know when n wot tht jerk might plan to take up his revenge..
    really disgustin of those men..
    am slowly tryin to coverup readin ur whole blog.. 🙂
    must be too late for u to reply on these topics..

  2. newme

    haha… its good, i like to revisit my blogs, these words they take you back to that place when you actually wrote them, its like a time machine…

    U knw there are other things also that take you back in time, fragrances, some particular road, songs… its so common yet so understated.. wat u say?

    • Isn’t tht wonderful!!
      Actually, i was never vivdly conscious of these things takin us bak in time, until u’ve stated it now in words. altho its kind of obvious once u start thinkin abt it.
      Prticularly ‘fragrances’ – interesting one I say..
      I lyk to spnd tym nostalgically, bt I lov to liv-in only those happy moments. its kind of recurrin to say, but ur sentence ‘words are magical’, its takin over my mind.. am so desperate now to write a poetry just on ‘Words’. Bt to capture its true essence is getin so difficult. Am gonna need some help here..!!

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