In the waters..

I went for my second class at swimming yesterday and it was again fun. We learnt floating, which is not a big deal I know but its fun! ūüôā one of my friends has been trying to learn how to swim for the past 4 years now, please not TRYING, and all she does everytime is learn floating and come back.

Anyways, so since I’m gonna be frequent and stuff so I’m guessing a¬† month will be enough to learn the basic swimming. Me and mom go together and yesterday on our way back she said ¬†‘I never thought I would learn swimming, I always wanted to, but never thought I would actually do it’. I felt so good, I finally gave her some near to impossible dream come true. It really felt good. She does embarrass me by going crazy in the pool and trying to learn everything in one day, but then who are others to me, its she and her happiness that matters, so I’ll take the embarrassment.

Apart from that, we have an off tomorrow and Saturday as working instead. Voting time! I am ashamed to confess that I am 23 years old and have never voted. Never! Not that I had the chance and didn’t and sat back home watching TV, but I never got a voter Id made. I altleast have a few reason in my defence, firstly when I turned 18 I went to live in college hostel and came home only once a month. Second, we moved around in this period and were so troubled with trying to get money for every month . Before I forget a gratitude prayer:


So when you have no idea of where your next months home rent is coming from you really can’t care about anything else but yourself and family. Then after I had got a job and we started moving towards getting to normal citizens life,¬†my sis left her job, so we came back to worrying about every month expenses. And now that me and she(sis) have been getting regular paychecks (THANK YOU GOD!) we are settling things more. I did want to vote. I did. But I know this isn’t an excuse. I will get my voter id done before next government change happens. For sure.

What else?? There’s been major thinking these days. About you ask?? Well lets see:

1. That thing that I’ve said I had started working on and that i wouldn’t tell y’all until it was complete. I’m running short of ideas.

2. Why am I such a restless soul?  I want everything this moment, tattoo, car, house, bboyfriend. Yes boyfriend, it would be good to have some love apart from the one that my family gives me when I enact a dog and get my ears scratched by them.

3. Seriously thinking if meditation is the way for me. Not like become a saint, just practicing meditation, chanting, whatever. You get it, right?

4. Practising ‘visualization of what you want’ and what works for me and makes me believe what¬†I’m thinking is true.¬†Which reminds me that sis got me some shorty shorts as I had asked for (ya, designers get the best¬†perks for a girl. clothes!)¬†and they are just lying somewhere in my¬†cupboard. I should so place them in the front and look at them everyday.¬†Like I’ll just wear and go out of home. In car ofcourse! ooh this is getting¬†two of my¬†‘I-want’ things together. Must try from today.

5. Finally¬†I am going to start some work out from today (apart from swimming).¬†I know I have said this so many times that¬† even I’m rolling my eyes at myself. But this time different approach. Visualize that I am what I want to become.¬†¬†I’m thinking of jogging 15-20 min¬† i.e after stretching 5 min followed by some crunches and spinning 15 min, this really makes me sweat, secret : my machine is very old and very stiff, you need so much energy and strength to last more than 5 min. And yes also need to practice those piroits (wrong spelling please excuse) and splits. I need to get them perfect before I rejoin.

What say, sounds like a good plan?



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