A Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh

I was trying to explore new work and other unexplored boundaries of fiction when I picked this book and after completing it I’m not sure if I’m up for ‘less story, more pages describing complex backgrounds and setup’ kind of fiction yet.  

I think Harry Potter’s wizard world was much easier to believe and understand . With all due respect for the writer’s effort and winning some Book Awards he has won, but what I have come to believe is that, for every person there are always some areas of reading which you will not related to, its something like an English literature student is put to History lectures. He wouldn’t find the interest right.

Coming back to the book, the fiction was actually not very easy to understand. You don’t get what oars and fishing techniques are even after you complete the book. The entire plot was so difficult to keep up with, it was only half way through the book that some story building comes into picture and that’s when I got interested. And the last few chapters I did like but apart from that I wouldn’t have picked the book had I known the plot. However again the story keeps you pulled in with the two simultaneous stories going side by side. When you are just getting interested in one, the chapter ends and then next story starts, so you complete that to get to the continuation of the first story and then you also get curious about the second.

Overall, good fiction but I didn’t see the story telling. For me, I wouldn’t be pulling out another book from the author until I know the plot is somewhere near to reality or understandable at least.

Too far fetched fiction for me.

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