Social for a while, felt good.

I am on facebook, its just that I’m hardly there. But recently I do look it up once in 1-3 days. Why ? just like that, to see what others are upto, if there are any new pictures to look at, I also find some people online like ‘S’, whom its fun to chat with despite the ol’ friendship not being there in reality;   ‘D’, whom after the last disastrous chat,  I did not even say  a hi to, when I saw him online the day before; ‘Sid’, the guy who played my prince when I was sleeping beauty back in 3rd grade. Its fun to get in touch with people when you know that you’re not going to make the effort of calling and updating on each others life. I’m not lazy at socializing and keeping touch, but I’m not a very good at it. So it was somewhat like…can’t thing of any cmparison to make…

So, after the couple of days on updating my status, people did notice that I was alive and replied back, made comments and it was fun! I liked it all, but sometimes I really don’t think I can keep up with all this, mostly because I cannot pretend to have something to say when I don’t and vice verse.  Sometimes I have things in my mind, but I don’t want to reveal them to everyone, I feel vulnerable, like they’ll all look inside me and I’m not sure I’m all good inside. 

But the entire social deal was fun! even if only in a virtual way.

Just for a little reference for y’all, I’m not a freak who eats dinner alone , but I do prefer my separate plate. I talk a  lot but only to some people and for all I don’t know well I keep myself shut. My sis thinks I don’t talk (not literally but like talk talk) and in my defence its mostly coz I have nothing to talk about, the entire day I’m at work and until something major happened there I don’t bring it up at home, but its not like I keep my mouth closed on purpose. I call people I like but then it has to be both sides, if the other person show warmth then I don’t play the social rules.

That’s all for now.


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