Of all the feelings and their expressions that we humans have, I lean a bit towards ‘Admration’. And how I decided on this favourite was when I found myself observing people admire & thinking of all the ways of admiration that are so beautiful.

Some really beautiful moments of admiration I’m trying to describe with words, knowing that words will not be enough. But still, if this brings a smile to your face and softens your heart for even a second, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Admiring a child whom you have seen growing up and flashes of ‘how little and innocent he/she was’ appear in front you. Your heart fills with love and you want to hug him/her and find a way of how much you love them.  You might be mother, a father, an elder sister, and elder brother, an aunt or a nanny. But the admiration doesn’t change. When you look at them, those whom you have carried in your arms till they got numb, but you couldn’t feel a think because you just wanted to see this  little baby sleep and now they are grown up in front you where any display of your affection embarrasses them. This child that you once could look at for hours while he slept so peacefully almost hypnotising you. The child you’ve played games with and made faces to hear their sweet and pure laugh. And now when you look at them, you cannot but smile when these thoughts come to your mind. Soon they’ll become individuals of their our mind and values, but you feel so blessed to be a part of their life.

Admiring someone your heart feels for, it may be love, a crush or just something you cannot describe or name yet. When you see that special person, your heart skips a beat, you go through sleepless nights and wishful dreams, you travel distance and there is nothing that stops you from being with him. The way they talk, move, speak, you just don’t seem to get enough to it. Sometimes you find yourself looking at your reflection in their eyes and at times in crowded spaces all your eyes see is him. The feelings, excitement and crazy. In between dates, meetings and while chatting away till wee hours you silently admire that smile, that beautiful heart, the way you hold hands and how you feel that this is what was missing in your life. It might be that its you who feels for him but haven’t told the person yet.  You cannot wait to get a glimpse of him, you hide behind doors and admire from a distance, you see him and see how you will be together. This admiration seems to grow on you and no matter what anyone says, you cannot but see the best in them.

Admiring your inspiration/hero– We all have our hero’s, someone you look upto, someone you want to be like someday, someone whom you might noteven know personally but gives you strength & hope in your times of distress and doubt. All the respect and idealism you have for them is something you cannot express with words. They make you want to be better and get everything you’ve wanted. They might be someone ordinary and not famous, but to you they’re the bravest and best. I always looked up to my father, they respect people gave him, the charm and power his personality carried. I always was proud of being his daughter. I was so in awe of him, the few things that I looked as benchmarks for what I wanted to become when I grow up were 

a) his discipline (everyone says I have inherited that from him),

b) his hard work (people say inherited again)

c) his authoritative and powerful personality ( this is now on ‘my ideal boyfriend/husband should have’ list) 

d) His immense and unconditional love for his family and the way he showered us with it (I still need to work on how I express my care for people I love, right now its a very offensive  and possessive one)

e) The strong person he was,  strong as in strong words, strong actions, strong thinking..etc.


The admiration you have for such a person is so powerful that it makes you believe in yourself, it works like magic and history does have so many examples that your source of inspiration will make all possible. Such admiration holds respect, belief, conviction and so many hopes. 


There are so many other forms and ways of admiring someone/something. Few other favorite examples are ‘admiring Nature’ and ‘admiring how the words of a writer turn into images’.

What/ whom do you admire?



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3 responses to “ADMIRATION

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  2. Greatings, Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

  3. newme

    Glad u liked it Rufor! 🙂

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