Just for the record..

I never blog on weekend. Why? Because I’m at home. So? As, I have mentioned few times now, I can’t get myself to blog even if i want to at home. Its weird I know, but it feels strange like I’m a different person giving away all the secrets of our lives and betraying my family in someway. Okay this came out way to strong. But yes, there is hesitation and maybe part of it because they have always laughed at my different thoughts and ways and I have not been able to take it in the same light spirit that they have.

Maybe I’m scared that if they reject what I am doing I will feel bad. They know I blog, but I would never want them to read most of the confessions part. That’s why I say it here because I can’t say it to them.

Its not like they don’t support me but more than that they make fun of me and I wasn’t born light hearted so it pinches just a little.

So for the record, I don’t blog on weekends, but do visit on weekdays, as mostly I have loads to say when I’m away from home.


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