To ME.

Hi ,

So hows life ? Been a long time since I got in touch with you. I know, its not fair, I owe you time and in return you give me peace, but both have been missing for a while.

I’m missing our time together and will try to make it work from now. Also wanted to know where has your smart advice moved, I don’t seem to be getting any of those these days and without that I have been confused, really confused!

I don’t mean to complain but you became lazy and I really don’t want to get back to where we started from. So wake up you lazy bum and have some good exercise. Oh I remember you told me that you wanted to go for something different activity and gym has become routine and boring, so I’ve joined the dance class again. Hope we’ll have fun.

I wanted to share something with you, I’ve been getting this really positive and hopeful feelings since yesterday. It feels like all will be good from now on. Its a wonderful feeling. I hope this does good to us. But every now and then there’s a prick of pain which I know I ignore and you should too. It’s all good, trust me and the road ahead is only going to get better and happier and brighter.

Also, I know you’ve been busy with something and I totally encourage you to keep it going. Don’t judge yourself so much, be easy on me please. Lets say we’ll complete what we’re doing and only then question it. What say?

Work is peaceful I hear. Good to know that. I Know you’re there because of me and how I wasn’t sure about what career I wanted, but now that you’re there, get some peace.This is no it. I assure you. I will get better things for you in future, no, not better, the best of all. I promise. Best!

Also spoke to your friend ‘S’ and I know the knot it your heart has eased hearing this news. I can hear your sigh of relief.

Also,I want to tell you something great. I’m going to give you a gift very soon, something you can keep forever. A fabulous body and health. You’ll see yourself with admiration and pride, but only in alone, around others you’ll be modest and humble. People will ask you the secret to it and you can smile and say ‘it the best gift I have received ever’. Get ready okay! it coming soon!

And oh yes! I love you ! No reasons I just do.

So don’t worry and just keep going, you’re doing great.  I’ll always love you no matter what.

Take care




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