‘The word that describes’ game

I am accepting another weak point here, my English vocabulary is very ok and this certainly doesn’t that any other language is any good either.

So, I know the description of things/situation/behavior and stuff but I don’t have the right work that would sum up the description. I found this Reverse Dictionary site that helps you find the words by entering the concept/description, still not much luck.

Lets play a English vocabulary game here, I’ll call it ‘The word that describes’. The game is as it is called, there will be some descriptions (of behavior/feelings/situations/things) and you need to answer with the One-Word that sums the description. Interesting ! I think. 

Just post your answer with the question number followed by the answer.

1) when your mind is going on supersonic speed with thoughts that are totally of no use are running around in mind space.

2) when you are at the verge of crying even if someone calls your name loudly

3) feeling disgusted and like kicking someones ass at the same time

4) When you feel like sad from inside but nothing’s wrong around you

5) When you want to but can’t stop smiling

6) when you don’t know if you’re thirsty or hungry

7) knows-what-she’s-doing and all in-control

8) pick-up-something-with -all-enthusiasm-and get-bored-of-it-and-leave-it (This is for me, me, me!)

9) Taking deep sighs again and again

10) thinking is-there-anything-in-the-world- that-I-am-sure-about

11) feeling-not-knowing-the-right-stuff

12) feeling like swapping your life with a dog belonging to royalty

13) maybe-this-is-something-like-love-type-i-think

14) feeling like every-thing-around -you-is-out-to-get-you-crazzzy

15) when there’s something that feels right

16) when you don’t know what’s right anymore

17) when you can’t stop smiling (did we get this earlier, ok so again)

18) when you’re in a meeting and all you want to do is madly scratch that itch on your butt

19) when you see someone you know coming towards you and don’t know how to behave, greet, not greet, smile what?

I know most of these sound lame, but seriously this all feelings come.

Please play, I will learn something. Please!~


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