The past 4 days.

I’m posting after 4 days now, so sorry to people if you did check up to find something new and to all those who didn’t look up, we’re good right?

So I was supposed to go out of station yesterday and today, please see ‘was’ but haven’t. Don’t even ask me why. It seems like I won’t be ablt ot leave this place ever. So I was home sitting on my ass, watching tv, sleeping late and getting up late n stuff. 

Oh, I did start with my dance class again and it felt good. Some sort of relief or atleast some consolation that I have a life and my rusted muscles were moved. Finally!

I’ve decided, enough of this loose weight thing . I’m going to get my perfect body and stay like that. I will. You’ll see.

Other than that, nothing much. Just got a message from a fren ‘S’ if you know from earlier posts. She sent me a scrap first and then I was online after ages and she was too, so we talked and it was good. No bitterness. 

We were talking about how we’ve changed and all. Are friendships that shatter with changing times worth keeping?? I know I did miss having a gal pal but the last few fights have been so heartbreaking. I made myself strong and expect nothing from it. She was kidding that we are ‘on a break’ like Racheal and Ross in FRIENDS. It felt good to talk but sad at the same time. I wish we hadn’t fought.

Another thing happened, mom was all freaked out and under anxiety attack that things are not moving ahead, we don’t have our own house, no car (this is really sad and hard) and other stuff, so I tried to calm her down by saying that things do take time and all these things will not come today by worrying and we should simply do what we have in hand to do today. After telling her all this she did rest for a day before another anxiety things. Anyhow, so after I explained to her I felt so relieved myself. Even I had been thinking of the future things too much and being worried but after I told her that we need to do what we have in-hand today and do this everyday,  I felt like I answered my own questions. Feeling some peace.

lesson learnt:  Sometimes the answer to your questions is within you &  helping others might helps you too.



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2 responses to “The past 4 days.

  1. viktoryian

    Dancing is fun and the best exercise! Keep the mood up!

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