The Last update on dance instructor crush; I think

Ohh. This is sad news.

He has left the dance academy and joined somewhere else in Mumbai. Now I know how strong my gut feeling was that ‘I don’t feel like he’s coming back’,  or maybe the logical aspect of Mumbai having more opportunities in the entertainment business was not that hard to guess. No,  I’m going to be with strong-mystical-connection-hence-intution explanation.

He’s probably got a better pay or higher position and I’m happy for him.

But ohh, i will miss him soo much.

During the one month that I went to classes when he was away, it was so boring. And as I have already registered for the next three months I will have to drag my ass there. I don’t think they entertain refunds.

Wait a minute! Why am I thinking about refund? and leaving dance? I joined because I wanted something fun, I like dance and learning a new thing was the reason I joined jazz and moreover I have been in his classes only for 1 month. So why am I so connecting learning dance with him.

Maybe I found a new inspiration in seeing him twice a week.

Ohh, too many of these happening, sighs  accompanied 

I will miss so many things that are linked to him:

I will miss imagining on the way to the class that how I will see him and say hi and maybe actually talk to him this time.

I will miss how I felt every time I saw him, that blush and cheeks feeling warm and hands going ice cold.

I’ll miss the fastening of heartbeats(my, only that I know about ;)) as I see him walking towards me.

I’ll miss the completely crazy ideas of how I should have slipped on purpose when he passed by me and maybe he would catch me in his arms.

I’ll miss trying so hard to stop the never ending smile on my face when I watch him dance.

I’ll miss his moves.

I’ll miss his jokes and sometimes mean humor.

I’ll miss the his black T’s and track pants.


I’ll miss the numbness of skin and brain, on every touch; all by mistake though, hand hit while dance, hands touch when reaching for door, his hands on my stomach when correcting my posture, his hands on my knees telling how to do it right.

I’ll miss watching him and images of me and him kissing passionately flashing in-front of me.

I’ll miss telling everyone I met that ‘my dance instructor is soo hot. Every one has a crush on him, even me’.

I’ll miss wanting to do my best to grab his attention.

I’ll miss staring at him in the mirror and watch him so carefully.

I’ll miss his jawline, he has a perfect one.

I’ll miss his strong arms, the cuts of biceps and triceps, that made me(and am sure every girl in class) almost drool.

I’ll miss his pink lips. I’ll miss looking at them when he’s addressing the class and reminding myself that many people, he included might notice my psycho behavior.

I’ll miss smiling at myself being so school girl and silly.

I’ll miss him every time I enter the studio (I love the word ‘studio’, it makes me feel like a real dancer, with moves and rehearsals and sexy) 

I’ll miss him soo much.

I’ll miss the feeling of having a crush on someone.

Is it possible to miss someone you don’t even know?

Hey, hey, I did see that the new academy he’s joined has a branch in my city too. And maybe just maybe he will be teaching here. But that would mean I would have to join his academy and that would seem so desperate. hehehe.. 🙂

So I think this is the last time you’re hearing about him from me. Sigh.


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