Does your work require you be a differnet person?

I know many people whose jobs are totally different than their original personalities and having said that its my guess that almost 70%  of the working class are stuck with the wrong jobs i.e the jobs that pay the bills only and never give you any inner peace or satisfaction.

I would have loved to crib about my work and stuff, but i will not. No reasons. Just don’t want to think about what’s wrong right now.

Anyhow, so I have a friend who is actually a crush of one my school time friend and he is super funny person (the crush and not the crusher) That was definitely funny, ‘the crusher’ :).  So he helps with his dad’s business of petrol pumps and has to be at the petrol pump everyday and he was telling us about what kind of people come there. So all the time he’s there, he needs to be super serious and all angry and furious type looks. It helps that’s he is tall and well built but if he carries his own personality then no one would take him seriously and that might be lot of problem. Can you imagine that?

My sister, works as Fashion Designer at this export house. She is such a fun loving and having good time all the time person, but at work she says she keeps a frown on her face always and sometimes she gets a headache from that. The people around are the type who are ready to dig into your life and leave nothing personal if you talk a little lightly to them. And she by the way loves to do what she does, but still she has to go through this.

Would something be different if people are themselves and don’t put up a front at their workplace?

What about you? Are you also a different person at work?



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2 responses to “Does your work require you be a differnet person?

  1. I am who I am always!
    I do not have time to be other wise!

  2. newme

    Doraz -Great! I think that’s why you’re so cheerful all the time. 🙂

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