I still feel like..

Some random feelings that linger onto me, some from the past long gone, few from a future not seen yet, a sprinkle of hopes and dreams that seem so real.

Few things that I feel like…

Being a child, innocent and wanting to be taken care of.

Lost in this fast paced world.

Things will turn out for the best, they will.

School days weren’t so long back.

Life is going to be much better than I can imagine.

God exists, he listens to me sometimes, he looks over me.

Dad is still around me.

Dancing in the rain.

I will meet the love of my life & I will be the love of his life too.

Life will dance with me and sing sweet tunes.

Playing in the grass and running around .

Fairy-tales and magic is real somewhere.

I need a hand to make me feel safe.

Dancing with full on dramatic expressions to bollywood songs.

Taking part in plays at schools and all the rehearsals and changing rooms.

I belong somewhere, just don’t remember it.

Sketching, painting, coloring away, no where to go, nowhere i need to be.

Screaming at the top of my voice.

Playing hide and seek.

Butterflies in stomach.

Being excited as hell, for no particular reason.

Being famous, happy, rich and beautiful. I see it sometimes!

Feeling content!

Have you got something, some feelings you wanna share… please share if you have!



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