25 Random things about me – Continued

Since the last post about my random things  had included 28 points, so I’m starting with #29 now. Cool?

 No? Why?


29. I have cold hands and feet.

30. My family teased me as ‘dwaf’ for many years.

31. I mostly blog at work, hardly from home.

32. As a kid, I used to scratch the clotted blood over my cuts and wounds and peel off layers and look deeply into it and I thought this habit did indicate that I might want to be a doctor someday. I think this observation lasted only one year.

33. When I’m out clubbing and I spot a guy whom I would like to show interest in me, I start dancing with full energy and showing all my moves (decent only), hoping he would notice me that way.

34. Please don’t try #33, it has never worked for me and I did it only unintentionally until my friends pointed this out ot me. Now I have stopped this intentionally.

35. I have always been jealous of my sister, but in a harmless way.

36. Do I need to say this, I think too much.

37. I am a quick learner. Really!

38.  I considered becoming a professional cartoon artist(like sketching) after my high school.

39.  I am an extremist, to the core.

40. I have slept for 13 hours  max at a stretch. You beat my record?? tel me?

41. I sometimes think of myself as being a mistress, not fascinating about it but this thought has random come to my mind and I remember it coz it is so weird.

42. I lost my virginity when I was 19

43. I love watching FRIENDS.

44. I like junk food.

45. I act like a dog at home, something everyone was very irritated with but now are used to and they even pat me and rub behind my ears. lol!

That’s good for today!

You tell me something random about yourself. It’s fun! Try.



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