Where was I this weekend? – Fun Part

I’ll tell you where I was.

I’m sorry to be gone for so long but somehow I can’t get myself to blog from home, I don’t feel like the confessing-all-and-let-my-heart-out me at home. That’s another story. But what all happened this weekend.


Nothing much happened on Friday. I reached back home and made plans with sis for the party next day. You Know, what to wear and what to wear and more of what to wear and where to go stuff. I went to bed really late, something I now feel is almost a  guilty pleasure for me. 😉


Woke up late with a stomach ache. My stomach somehow had giving me stomach ache like as if someone was tuckig the inside of my stomach with needles. Oh it was terrible! I think it was acidity, but since I am not a grown up yet or maybe am but am in ignorance or whatever, I decided to call it just stomach and try to drink water, drink lime soda stuff and whatever could bring the slightest relief. I helped mom prepare a really tasty dish and ate lots of it, but then few hours later it was all out of my mouth, undigested, eww…. So after being all sick face and holding my stomach and walking around, lying trying to sleep and then finally taking a medicine and sleeping for few hours I woke up with only a hint of pain left. It went away eventually and we all continued with our plan of partying. I wasn’t sure if I could consume alcohol or not, considering my stomach had just been through a major torture session. We all got dressed and dolled up , obviously in a decent way and then headed for ‘Manre’, a new opened place, we heard that had very expensive cover charges, but guess what there weren’t any cover charges. Yupee! but the drinks were bloody expensive. not so yupee! Well I didn’t take a drink and kept sipping from my friends’ glassed. It a lovely place to hang out. Not like typical clubbing place but good to have drinks and sit and talk and they have this open terrace seating place that is so good. As this place was not dance-dance type, we moved to ‘Capitol’ and this by the way has never happened to me, going to two clubs in one night. I might be sounding all teenage type but yes its true and I felt quite proud of myself . Superficial Social status stuff. So we danced around and even though the crowd wasn’t good and we were few in number we had a decent time. I had a few drinks and my stomach did agree to cooperate with me. But I didn’t get drunk-drunk, only got all giggly infront of the cute bartender and flirted shamelessly. We ended up spending quite a lot and then sis found some cash on the dance floor which she thought I had carelessly dropped off and she handed it to me. When we reached home and counted the money turns out we had got all that we spent back. My sis was so happy and me too. She kept on saying that God has thrown this party for us.


I was looking around for french dude. He wasn’t there. now I’m almost convinced he isn’t in Delhi anymore. Will be confirmed if I go there again, on Friday night and don’t meet him. I swear I will leave the last ray of hope if this happens. (and I’m tagging this into ‘love’ category 😉 )

We came back late and dozed off.


Woke up in at noon, lazed around, making plans of what to do today. Mom and brother wanted to shop some, so went to the malls and looked around. After much nagging, uncountable rounds in and out of trail rooms they finally got what they were looking for. I didn’t get anything I wanted. We ate and stuffed pizzas and paid fairly much amount for dinner and came back home all happy.


After much dilemma on if I should take leave on Monday or not, I finally did. It was my sis’ birthday and she woke up early and went to work while I slept till past noon and woke up to finalising who’s meeting where and then rushing mom and brother to get ready as we had to leave together coz then we’d save on the travel fare. I finally met my school friend and her boyfriend-type at ‘Mocha’ and then my friend joined and sis had also left her work early and joined. We laughed and talked about so much. So much fun. The sis’ friends joined with cake and lots of photo sessions. It got quite late and we left for my aunt’s place where we were supposed to treat them on dinner. We all went to ‘IHC which was very expensive and I didn’t at all feel like spending that much hard earned money on someone else. Well, for that matter I never feel like spending my hard earned money on someone else until I really care. It got pretty late and we stayed back at aunt’s place. Today being holiday for school kids and govt. offices I was the only one to drag myself to work this morning, sis also has working day but not as early as mine.

Also, woke up at 2:30 am and grabbed a big bite of sis’ chocolate cake. Yummy!!

So this was the FUN part ofthe weekend, but unfortunately there is another part to it too. Wait for next blog if you want to read inside my mind..i.e mostly thinking and over-thinking and analysing and stuff.


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