Is it just in my head or is it real?

Do you believe that sometimes (and always for freaks like me if this is actually true) that we think about something in a certain way so much that it actually feels like it is something but in reality it is nothing.

That was too confusing. Let me try again.

Can we actually start believing/feeling a certain way if we think too much about it and if we do then is there anything real to it.

So what I’m asking is that :

Can our thoughts make us believe in something that is not real ?


 Is it that the thoughts exist only becuase there is something real in it?

Still not getting my point. Never mind! I’ll try to explain later sometime.

PS: I think I should add a category as ‘crazy’ for these kinna blogs. You think so?


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One response to “Is it just in my head or is it real?

  1. archanatank


    I kinda agree with you… intangible things always don’t make sense!

    The question that rises time and again in my head is
    “Do thoughts make reality or does reality make one?”

    Life is a challenging piece for those who don’t live superficially, but at the same time what a flimsy life it would be, if lived in upper layer only….

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