Eat, Pray & Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I bought this book along with ‘Almost Single’ and started reading this but could not finish it in continuous read (reasons explained below).

The book started with very simple and understandable reading. Interesting and pulling you into the life and sadness of Lizz’s life. I went on reading trying to find how the story will end but it seemed like it would never end. At many times I felt like I knew what she was saying and feeling, like when she says she wants to live on the boundary between the spiritual and real world, but there were also times when I had no clue as to what was happening.

Somewhere around the mid it became a drag and I put it down with the fear that boredom might lead me to never opening the book again. I think the part where she reaches India and stays at the ashram, that was very boring. I think to me it was boring because it talks of spirituality and its levels, ways of achieving it and the process that Lizz goes through and I have very little connection with the spiritual world yet.

A few months later the thought of ‘leaving a book half read’ travelled from my sub-conscious to conscious mind. I picked it up again and ran through the Ashram part, after which it got very interesting and I loved the last part of it. How everything comes into balance and even though there is no happy ending there is a happy Lizz.

I found something very interesting towards the end of the story that I would like to share.

Its this part when Lizz is living in Bali and makes a friend Wayan who is a healer. Wayan is divorced, which is considered a terrible thing in Bali. They become friends and spend time together talking about all things. Lizz finds out that Wayan is very poor and has  no home. Wayan gets into a dead end situation with no money to move and pay for her daughter’s school at the same time and Lizz suddenly feels a rush to help Wayan. She sends out mails to all her friends and acquaintances all over the world asking for contribution to but Wayan a house. She receives $18K and gives it to Wayan. Now Lizz has to leave for America in a month and Wayan cannot agree on any house to buy. They find a place with all that Wayan wants and then Wayan says that the person selling the land would not sell the piece they like but the entire land. So Lizz is sure that Wayan is bullshitting her and gets furious. Lizz’a boyfriend who has been living in Bali for 5 years explains to her that this is what the people here make a living from, extracting money from visitors but it doesn’t mean they are not good people. STRANGE!!! He explains how people get greedy and want to draw as much as possible from the one chance they get and Wayan is doing he same. So Lizz should go play the game and get her to buy the house and still keep the lovely friendship they share.

This was a totally new concept to me. I thought friendship was about being true, always. But what I got from Lizz and Wayan’s story was that there are somethings above friendship like family and love. But friendship is the support you need to keep by your side to go ahead in those important things. And even if your friend is doing /saying something wrong to you because of the her family/love then it should not matter. Then in that case with me and my friend ‘S’, where we had argument  because of my sister and she has stopped talking to me since then, I am not in fault. I had to voice and stand for my sister so she should understand that right. Anyhow old memories make nothing happen and I will not reach to her first this time.


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