What made me happy..

I’m so trying to focus on all the good around and behind me right now, that’s sounds funny right ‘behind me’, well I mean my past. They may not be around but remembering them or trying to find them does make me feel some better.

So in recent & earlier times, lets see:

–Few days / weeks back I saw an update on one of my acquaintance’s from the jazz dance class and they had updated to ‘finally watching ‘Step Up’. I have heard about the movie from couple of people and thought of watching it, so I put it up to download and next day its erased. Yesterday at 9pm thinking about how I had nothing better to do so I should probably sleep I flipped through the channels and there it was, Step Up was just starting. My reaction was, happy! Did someone listen to me wanting to see this movie? Who answered? Thanks a lot mysterious power! It could’ve been a big coincidence too, but dude it was starting not even midway through (which usually happens when you find the movie you wanted to matched). So I was happy and watched the entire movie, realizing that I had seen it before from mid, only I didn’t know the name of the movie. Still its a good watch. Great dance!

–So about the drag thing, I called my friend whom I was thinking of pulling with me for coffee and drags but he didn’t answer my calls. Today morning I was all ready for my cab though I got up little late (remember movie ended at 11ish). Somehow I didn’t hear the missed call and then when I did hear the call people were screaming at me that they’ve been waiting for 15-20 minutes. So I rushed downstairs(3 floors down) to find the cab had moved and my outgoing was barred so I couldn’t call and ask them to come back either. I went upstairs and stared called to make arrangements from office transport for next cab but nothing was available, so I thought maybe I should take a day off, but no I had washed my hair yesterday night and they looked so good today (which is unusual) so I had to go to office to show them off (no one in particular though). So I called this friend (kind of) and asked if he would drop me to office as he also head to the same place just 15 minutes away from my work. He agreed and I remembered that he smokes. 🙂 So I can take a drag and landed up sharing 3 rolls, so that makes it 1.5 cigarettes for me, though it didn’t do anything to me, no hit, nothing. But still felt good and why I have no clue. Maybe just doing something you wanted to do makes you happy! weird but happy and I know else the  ‘you’re-a -loser’ would’ve happened in my mind atleast once.

— Few songs make / made me happy. I like the singers that have a rough and little hoarse but in tune voice, like Bryan Adams. The voices that just sink into. You can actually feel that.  I think even Lucky Ali’s voice is like that, sinking. I like that!’

— Dancing at home, acting all sassy and sexy. But somehow I am not this open and confident when I’m at the dance class. I’m very conscious of my clothes, body and what I’m doing. I need to lighten up on that.

–Having a crush. It always makes me happy, the endless possibilities of dreaming and then blushing and imagining conversations happening in your mind. Its a great feeling! Although when they die/grow over it seems silly, but I enjoy the stealing glances and all school-girl behavior and feelings.

–Some re-assurance that your future will be bright. For that reason I love when your astrology/tarot/numerology for future reads to be bringing opportunities/travel/money and the best time of you life. I’m still waiting though! But it make sme happy that some thing better will happen and someone apart from me also thinks the same.  Make it happen God!Please!

–When you have a heart warming conversation with a friend. Not a frequent thing with me.

–Having great hair day. All washed-conditioned-no fizzy-clean hair day. I’m sure this has something got to with confidence, at least for women.

–Finishing a book and being all oh-what-a-great-book-to-read. Feels good!

Nothing more coming to mind right now. So that’s it.


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