Do only girls/women dream of homes??

I’ve seen this so much that now ‘girls wanting my-type of home’ comes to me as a natural characteristic of being female like PMS or boobs.

I’ve heard my mother, my aunts , my cousin’s talk about in never ending lengths and I think that’s where the bug gets you. I remember mentioning it many times to the guys actually only one guy who I thought I could settle down with (sarcastic laugh at my myself) and planning out details and stuff.

From my mother’s example I think it brings her to think of a region she owns, some place where she’s the boss and can be free to do whatever to do with no one questioning her. I think.

Why are we girls so linked to having or own home? I know all the logical stuff, like you save money you have security for yourself and ahead family and all, but I’ve never heard guys talk about it. They are happy to be just about anywhere they can get a bed, ac and some beer and yes TV too. That’s it!

Are guys more mature and practical this way? Do guys ever dream of having a perfect home with a spa and gym and swimming pool. Do they feel like they should have at least this for themselves?

Boys/ men, any answers???


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