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I think I’ve developed a phobia for taking decisions. Really! I’ve been cribbing about it for a while and now I see its been more than a while I’ve been ignoring it.


Okay I have no clue as to what I want. I have been a regular at the gym for sometime and stopped going after receiving compliments for few weeks about how I was so next to being exactly hot. Ya, my trainer said that.

Anyhow the reason I stopped? I like to say it was the money I was spending on myself, with the dance and then gym well and at that time I thought that 2 days a week for dance was enough workout and rest days I could pick up walking or something. What happened? I ended up missing dance lessons as soon as my cute instructor went away and walks were no where in picture.

So now I’m stuck with no gym, no workout for 2 months almost and I don’t think my trainer at gym will call me ‘next to exactly perfect’ when he sees me.

I can’t decide… I can’t.

I was thinking of joining gym back for 3 days a week and dance rest 2 days but then I read this article on how you get addicted to gym’s and hard workouts and start tearing and bruising your muscles with kms running high on treadmills. And yes that is so true coz I remember that while I was regular at gym and did about 20 min run, 15 min cardio and then 20 min weight training i was in constant pain. My muscles were always sore. Seriously! So I don’t think that was a healthy way however effective it might be.


Now I don’t want to prove myself right about how-i-pick-up-something-with -all-enthusiasm-and get-bored-of-it-and-leave-it, but then that shouldn’t be the reason I stick to it also right.

Actually I like the dance, its fun and it pushes you to leave your hesitance and come out and its a different thing that I’m all conscious about I’m-not-wearing-right-dance -clothes and all. But its fun. And the cute instructor did make it all the more interesting.

But now after getting lousy and missing classes in last month, I haven’t renewed this month, well there was some money problem back then and hell I’ve missed 3 classes already, today will be 4th and I can’t decide if I should go and join today or not. I guess I’ll go!

But the new trainer is like very senior dancer, she instructs my cute instructor, so ya very senior. And she truly extracts the fun out of it and makes it grilling. Oh what the hell, yes i;m bitching coz i miss the cute instructor. He was delicious! 😉


I’m listening to upbeat and lift-up-your-spirit songs these days. But I see that my favourite lists are usually Romantic or Sad songs.

Few sad songs I’ve been listening to :


Carrie Underwood–>Just A Dream

Faith Hill –>There you’ll be

Bon Jovi–> Always


Hmm, lot of introspection going on and I’ve started something I have been thinking of for a long time but will not tell yet, I’m superstitious that way.

Lot of mad-person kinna thinking going on. And action, none!


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