Some old and new memories.

I received a friend request on facebook from an my classmates from my boarding school days. At that time she used to very alone, rude, shrude and not so mingling, but she doesn’t seem like that at all now. She’s all tall with thin long legs and perfect flat abs and actually looks so pretty, which is difficult to believe coz she was never amongst the-talked-about people, but now what a change!She looked so pretty and in control. I remember there was some tragedy that happened and she lost her father or mother and that year she left school. I saw her albums and she was surrounded by friends and I have to say again looked so perfect, tall and perfect figure. I’ll admit I’m a little jealous. 

I was so talked about in school. I was the very-cute one. Everyone adored me, coz i was actualy cute, full and red cheeks . But I never responded well to all the appreciation. I was an ill-tempered kid, abad habit I lost only after I  lost my dad and I knew there was no one to take care of me now and support me no matter what.

How come I don’t have that anymore? Why dosen’t anyone talk about how lovely I am anymore. How come I don’t have the perfect flat stomach and long legs?

Is it true that you can get appreciation only in one phase of your life that is either childhood,  youth or old age?  

Wonder when did I get so insecure about looks and my body? I lost some confidence in being myself, but don’t know when. I’d like to get that back and this time around I’m sure I’ll appreciate the compliments from others and myself!


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