Want to be Fearless.

When I was young (even more than I am now) I always dreamt of being a very knows-what-she’s-doing and in-control person. I thought of how I would start working and be such a successfull person ,even though I hadn’t decided on what I wanted to do and I would be independent and live alone in an apartment and do everything I want and be happy.

I know things haven’t turned out exactly the same, for instance what I do for aliving is nowhere making use of my creative side, I don’t live alone in an apartment and other stuff is missing too. But what I so want to be true from my adolescence dreams is being the Fun and Fearless me.

Like doing everthing I want, not doubting myself and my decisions, being so so sure of myself. I’m not talking of being perfect, I’m talking about making mistakes and learning form them but yes having the guts and belief in oneself to go ahead and make mistakes and take my chances.

I so need to ‘Take my chances’.

I want to own up every stupid thind I’ve done o said without being worried of who laughs at me. I want to be me and not think of who thinks what.

Fun and fearless! 🙂 I wanna be me!


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