Under panic attack, reason being X

I just spoke to one of my friend (the big time gossiper) and she told me ..well lots of stuff, but then she asked:

she: ‘Are you still in touch with X? do you guys talk and all?’ 

 me: ‘No’

she: really! never?

me: ‘ya, never’

she: ‘Well, for him you are still very much alive’

me: ‘What do you mean?’

she: ‘ he has some of your pics on in his profile  and even some comments like can’t live without and all’

me: ‘Euuuwwwwhhh. God I had no idea. Crap!! this is bad, i have to tell him to delete that stuff. But i don’t wanna talk to him’

she: ‘ya’

See, he’s got stuff about me on his profile and visible for everyone to see and say how pathetic and heartless i am to leave a guy who still thinks about me after almost 2 years of break up. Shit man!

I hate that guy! seriously he has no ego and no self-respect either. Why the hell can’t he get over it? I feel like finding him a girl myself and saying ‘now please don’t even think of me’.

Ya, I sound rude. Shouldn’t I?

I don’t want to talk to him coz it only reminds me of what a loser and pathetic guy I chose and how I didn’t use my brain and got sucked into the whole thing. Hell! I am so better off without a guy rather that being with his types.

Yes I might be over-reacting and maybe he hasn’t updated his profile for quite sometime or whatever. But I am seriously furious right now.

Isn’t breaking up meaning breaking up. I didn’t cheat on him or leave him for a rich or handsome guy(he’s none of the two). I did give him my 100% and only got back disappointment in return. I tried I did till the point I stopped believing in giving you all to anyone.

And the worst part is that everytime I speak to him he talks of getting back together. I hate that!

Please, if I choose to be happy and not be in a depressed state ad live my life like I want to then what is anybody’s business to not let me.

He talks to me like hes’ some innocent child and that i’m the evil person, being heartless, well guess what after the heartbreaks that i went through while i was with you, I don’t want to have a heart for you. So just get the fuck out of my life. I’m sick and tired okay. Get the hell out of my life and don’t try to drag me back into that shitty relationship!   

I am so fed up and don’t want to see him or talk to him ever again. But then I do need to stop him from publicly making a heartless devil out of me, coz I’m not!

And yes, this blog is so not going under the ‘love’ catagory!



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6 responses to “Under panic attack, reason being X

  1. Hello,
    Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.


    • newme

      Interesting? Really?? I was in such temper.. u knw wen after spending so many years and wonderful moments with someone and then wen it dosen’t work (that too coz of the other person) and then they decide by giving you publicity for being the worst person.
      Again, interesting? U serious?

  2. Hello,
    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg


  3. Hi,
    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

    Have a nice day

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